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Living A Kid Free Weekend

Living a kid free weekend.

This week the hubs and I are living a kid free weekend. This is our first kid free weekend since Z was born. That’s almost 5 years folks. 5 years of parenting, working and on the rare night when one or both of these little spends the night with grandma… catching up on sleep. 

Our anniversary was was last week so technically we are on our anniversary trip. We took a trip to Savannah which has long since been on my must visit places. While we haven’t done much, we have done enough but most importantly we have relaxed. Uninterrupted sleep until the breakfast hour passed. Long showers, leisurely getting dressed and chatting along the way. All kid free. Definitely feels like we are winning at life right now. 

I’ll share more of what we did but for now I want to focus on the lazy morning. 

Well we started out with a nap the night before. I think this is hilarious as the original plan was to hang out on the town. But we are old(er) and we are tired and we don’t get great sleep so yeah we napped. 

And then we watched tv. Nothing spectacular or R rated. Just tv time together. 

Living a kid free weekend

But the morning was most glorious. I didn’t open the blinds until almost noon. Let me say that again…

I did not open the blinds until almost noon then

got back in the bed. 

I journaled

in bed.

I read a magazine 

in bed. 

I watched a trolley car drive by then

I got back in bed.

Living a kid free weekend

I scrolled a little internet

in bed. 

I did a bit of writing, 

in bed. 

And the hubs slept in, took the longest shower ever known to man kind and then he

got back in bed. 

It was a glorious morning on our first kid free weekend. 


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    November 12, 2017 at 1:14 AM

    ROFL that’s what i’m talking about!!! YASSSS

    • Reply
      M J
      November 13, 2017 at 9:15 AM

      Listen, I am seriously trying to schedule in a kid free weekend once a quarter and add a kid & hubby free weekend to the mix too. LMBO.

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