Hi Legoland Atlanta,

Legoland Atlanta

Boy did I have a blast visiting you. Well getting here was a journey. I had a few toddler issues. You know the whole teething, cold, upset tummy toddler things. Finally I made it. Mommy got lost getting here. That was pretty funny. I promise she didn’t say anything crazy! We arrived and I was so excited to see all the colors. We were hoping to sit in on the toddler story time but for some reason it wasn’t happen. I’ll tell you a secret: mommy was more disappointed then I was. LOL.

Even though I was too small to ride the Merlin’s Apprentice ride, I enjoyed watching the older kids fly through the sky. One day I will crush that height/age requirement and when I do I am riding two times back to back! Take that! Anyway, we went on the Kingdom Quest Laser ride and even though it was dark I was not afraid. Our picture didn’t come out great because we were to busy having fun to actually look in the direction of the camera wherever it was. Shrugs. After that I played in the Lego Construction Site. Here I am checking out (riding) the Lego dog and building my fortress.



But then I was ready to get in on the action happening in the big kid area. I made my way over and even claimed my own area of the Lego table. Those big kids were no match for me. Mommy didn’t want me getting trampled but I wasn’t worried. I’m fearless.

Legoland Atlanta

Until we meet again take care Legoland.

Hugs and Toddler Kisses,


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