Kitchen 101

I was having a conversation with one of my girls and she asked me how to prepare sirloin tips for dinner. As we were discussing a recipe, she asked me to clarify certain techniques and also asked what things she should have in her kitchen arsenal. Then another friend text me saying she loved the recipes I sent her. She had a few more questions and I thought “Hmmmm, a kitchen 101 series would be great.”

in the kitchen

So here we are. In our Kitchen 101 series, we will discuss basics such knives, dry seasons and cooking techniques. We will also discuss some tricks I learned from my mother and from school. The ladies asked for videos so I will be venturing into uncharted territory for me. I’m excited. Join me on a journey through the kitchen. Look out for weekly Kitchen 101 post along with more recipes and videos.

What would you like to see discussed in this series? What questions do you have about unlocking the beauty of your kitchen? Go!

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