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Kindness Projects For Kids

Thank you Juicy Juice for sponsoring this conversation about kindness projects for kids.

When I was a kid, kindness was an important lesson I learned at a very young age. I grew up spending weekends at my grandmother’s house with a bunch of my cousins. Our grandmother was our first example of kindness. She would work in our community to help the less fortunate, volunteer at church, send cards and so much more. My mom has done the same throughout the years and I am happy to continue to carry this torch. At 4 and 7, my kids are all about showing kindness in many ways. We are excited to share the things we do in support of the Juicy Juice Goodness In Kids Contest.

Kindness Projects For Kids

At Home

The first lessons in kindness truly start at home. With my kids, I encourage them to be kind to one another. I acknowledge when then do something good even if it’s simply not fussing with one another. One of my kids is a natural sharer. She will share pretty much anything. While EJ struggles with sharing sometimes, when he does share we acknowledge that as being kind. At home sometimes it means working on a project together. From an art project to sweeping, anything goes. The goal is for these lessons to carry over in their social relationships as well.

Sending Cards

You can find us making and sending cards to family and friends often. I try to make it a monthly project as a good way to practice gratitude and to make others feel special. Who doesn’t love receiving a handmade card?

Thank The People That Help Us

When we are home on trash pickup day, my kids go running down to greet our sanitation workers. We bring them water, snacks (hello Girl Scout Cookies) and even glove warmers when it’s cold outside. We do the same for our mail carriers. This is a simple kindness project families can do that will make an immediate impact.


Every year we fill shoeboxes with supplies for kids in need. We also go through our rooms and donate things other people can use. This is a great way for kids to learn about helping others in need. This year Z and I started a donation jar. Fill the jar with loose change and then donate it to a local charity or organization. Because we love gardening, we will be donating our jar to our community garden that supports food and farm programs at the local schools. We also donate seeds to people interested in starting their own gardens.

Sprinkle Joy Around Your Community

There are so many ways to sprinkle kindness around your community. Last year we invited kids in our neighborhood into our garden. I taught them how to plant tomatoes. They came back all season to track the process. When the tomatoes were ready, all the kids were able to take some home over the course of the summer. A few years ago we handed out native flower seed bombs. This year we are planning a rock painting project with the kids in the neighborhood. We will paint fun, funny and heartfelt messages on the rocks then place them around the neighborhood.

Build A Food or Book Library

Have you seen the little free libraries around? Our Girl Scouts troop built one for our service project last year. Make this one a family or community project. You can stock them with books, school supplies and even food.

Free Hugs

My kids are all about hugs. Hugs are one of the mommy tools I use when they are having a tough time, or just as a way to show my love. My kids asking “can I have a hug” prompted me to create free hug coupons. Now we exchange these coupons for a bank full of future hugs. They have started giving to family members and close friends too. If someone needs a hug, they simple cash in one of their coupons.

Juicy Juice is running the “Show Your Goodness” Contest for kids through January 31, 2020. Ten winners will receive $1,500 to help continue doing good. If your kids are all about kindness, this is the perfect contest for them. Good luck.

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