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Mini Gratitude Cards For Kids

Make this easy kids gratitude card project to start a new family gratitude practice.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

How do you practice gratitude with your kids? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. We pray together and I try to ask open ended questions about what they are grateful for. I made these mini gratitude cards for kids to add to our daily practice.

Mini Gratitude Cards For Kids

For myself, I love to write down my gratitude list in my journal each day. Writing has always been therapeutic for me and I’ve noticed how much my 7 year old loves to write and draw. She will literally write on anything (hello illustration + words) on the wall under her window. She loves journals and note pads. Seriously a box of cards, note pads, stickers, pens and accessories is the perfect gift for her. And bandaids. The girl really loves bandaids!

Kids Gratitude Card Project

Anyway, about these mini gratitude cards for kids… I decided to take her love or writing and doodling and combine it with showing appreciation. The cards are simple and there really are no rules for what to write on them (with the exception of the kindness one). Sometimes she will simply draw a picture and then we will discuss what about the picture relates to the theme of the card. For the kindness it can be an act of kindness she did, one that was done for her or one she would like to do.

I recently made these Custom Holiday Napkins incorporating our family word and a few more words that are perfect for the season. But as a new found Cricut fan these gratitude cards just be my favorite project to date. It’s so meaningful and such a great way to connect with my kiddos and with myself. Want to make your these mini gratitude cards? Here’s what you need.

  • Mini Gratitude Cards Template
  • Cardstock – in colors of your choice
  • Cricut Pen – black
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Light Grip Mat
  • Empty Jar

Make It

The first time I made these cards, I edited an existing mini card template. But then my daughter asked for cards in different shapes. Zoe chose the shapes for each card from the shapes option in Design Space Access. Once our shapes were selected, I changed the colors to pink just so we could see the writing. Then I added the words each theme, selected the fonts I wanted to use and resized.

You can search for “Mini Gratitude Cards Shapes” and then edit the template to change the words and font.

Don’t worry about the color on the screen as you will load the cardstock of your choice into your Cricut Explore Air 2 or the cutting machine you have. My suggestion is to use several colors of cardstock to add some variety but the fact that each seat has each design means you will get each one in every color.

How to creating mini gratitude cards for kids.

You will want to add the design for each card, pick your font and then group and attached each card. Once you do that, select all the cards then hit the group and attach buttons to ensure they print out just the way you see them on the screen.

Using cricut air explore 2 and a cricut pen to write on card design and then cut.

Once your design is set, add your cardstock to your mat. I used the light grip mat here. Load the mat into your Explore Air 2. Design Space will also prompt you to add your pen in slot A. Don’t forget to lock the pen in. Ahem!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Gratitude Card tutorial

While I encourage the kids to pick a card without looking (having each design on every color helps with that) I am actually ok if they decide to pick a specific card that day. It is building their gratitude practice so why not let them choose.

Mini gratitude cards for kids.

I use these cards with my four year old too. He may not be able to write out sentences but he can talk about each card with me, draw a picture and even add a word or two. Adjust the activity to suit your kids regardless of age or ability.

Take a look at what she wrote on her ” I love” card just this week. Be still my mama heart.

A gratitude card project for kids is a great way to teach them about being grateful.

Join me in sharing daily gratitude with your kids. Tell me how you practice gratitude as a family and let me know if you make the cards. Start this project in 2020. We plan on mailing gratitude cards out to family and friends as a way to continue our journey.

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