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Kids Apple Cider & A Gratitude Jar

A kids gratitude jar project.

Thank you Juicy Juice for sponsoring our holiday gratitude jar.

Do you have any family traditions you do for the holidays? In our house, we always make a recipe together, a meaningful craft and start a giving project. This year we started out the tradition by making an easy kids apple cider recipe. We also started a new gratitude jar practice with our two oldest.

Easy kids holiday apple cider and gratitude jar project.

Why Kids Apple Cider?

Because it’s yummy, easy and according to my newly minted 7 year old “it’s the perfect holiday drink”. I’ve made apple cider from scratch before, I’ve also purchased fresh apple cider every time we go apple picking. This year I went with this easy kids apple cider recipe from Juicy Juice because we had Juicy Juice Organic Fruitfuls and cloves in our pantry. Throw in some fresh orange wedges and in about 10 minutes you will be sipping on the perfect kid friendly holiday drink. Please note, the 7 year old chef insisted on adding a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’m impressed.

Use Juicy Juice Organic Fruitfuls to make a kids apple cider drink.

Gratitude Jar

While your apple cider is simmering, make an easy gratitude jar. I made the template for these mini gratitude cards, printed and cut them and placed them in a small bucket we keep on our kitchen table. The idea is for the kids to grab one each day and fill it out. They can write whatever comes to mind. For the act of kindness, they can write something they did that was kind or something someone did for them or something they would like to do.

Make these mini gratitude cards for a meaningful family activity.

It’s a great opportunity for us to practice gratitude together. I also take this time to fill out the cards too being sure to include things I did with the kids. They love hearing how mommy appreciates them each day. It’s a win win with a great lesson on gratitude and an easy way to have a conversation and show our love. Love is after all our family word.

Homemade apple cider with Juicy Juice Organic Fruitfuls and an easy gratitude project

What are some of your family holiday traditions? Including favorite things to make with your kids? In addition to making yummy drinks (we have a hot cocoa recipe loading for Christmas), we also make cookies. Mama also makes vanilla extract as a gift for friends. Checkout more holiday recipes and activities from Juicy Juice and let me know what you plan to make or do with your kiddos.

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