Just Hair. Unapologetically Me.

I cut my hair. Unapologetically me.

By the time I publish this, the dust should be settled. If not, oh well. After months (read a few years), I finally cut my hair the way I’ve been wanting to. SHORT! 

I love a short cut! Love it. And I shouldn’t ever have to feel bad about that and actually going through with getting it done. It’s my hair, right? Yes, it is. People will be upset, mainly my husband. I didn’t even tell him in advance because I’m not a child that needs permission to do something with my body or the hair that grows from it. Sure he likes the long hair but when we met, I was rocking a fly Mohawk (hey Instyl Haircare) and loving it for the first few years of our relationship. So it’s either he liked and then loved me for me, short hair and all or he just wanted the cookies, short hair and all. I’ll go with the liked and then loved me bit. 
But then I felt like growing my hair back and so I did but a few years ago I started resenting that decision because somehow I was expected to keep my hair long. And not just from the hubs. Everyone! “Oh, you have such nice hair. Oh, keep it long. Let it grow out.” And on and on.


This is my hair on my head with the brain and thoughts and emotions inside of this big old dome of mine. So I had enough and scheduled an appointment with my local stylist (hey Dacia).  And now we are here and I have no regrets! As the younger crowd says “I have zero F’s to give”. I love it. I’m still natural and will see how I can rock this short cut as a braid out but if I can’t cut it, then I may just get MY hair relaxed.

This soon to be 40-year-old gal cut off her hair and she’s happy. I won’t ask if you like it because you don’t have to but I will say this… Do something that will make you happy today regardless of what everyone else might think. 

I cut my hair ??

P.S. You may not say it babe, but I know you think I look hot with his cut. LOL & Love ya. 

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