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How to Host a Play Date for Kids & Moms Too

Thank you Bright Starts for sending us a party kit, free products and

sponsoring our Play Date. As always all opinions are my own. 

From the outside, most people believe a play date is just for kids to get together and enjoy time with their friends. But if you’re a mom (or dad) you know a play date also means a little adult time for parents too. Days without speaking to an adult face to face are pretty much what my mommy life consists of now that I have a toddler and an infant. Even the hubs and I pretty much chit chat in passing or sometimes not at all depending on his work schedule. While sometimes impossible to plan or commit to, play dates have been a great time for me and the kids. 

How to host a play date at home

Last week Zoe & Baby E hosted their first combined play date at our house. Our box of goodies from Bright Starts arrived and the kids (mainly Zoe) wanted to dig into it right away. I told her we had to wait until our friends were over for the playdate but I ended up giving in and letting them play with a few of the toys even though I left him in the package. LOL. 

How to host a play date at home

Our playdate ended up being an early evening affair because of all of our busy schedules. But it was perfect. Zoe was excited to see her guests arrive and to show them to their seats. She walked around and picked out their names on the invitations Bright Starts sent. I served a snack, light dinner and ice -cream. The kids enjoyed playing with the toys and also enjoyed making their own Initial Ornaments for the Christmas tree. 

Evening play date food.

How to Host a Play Date 


Call, text or email moms with a few dates and times. Keep it to 2 or 3 max but definitely offer an option. Majority rules. All of our guest were able to make it because I did this. Plan your menu in advance and be sure to confirm any food allergies/aversions with parents. I also shared the game plan, menu and activities with the moms ahead of time. 


Pick out activities, crafts and any toys you want the kids to enjoy. 


Buy groceries, paper goods, snacks and any supplies you need for arts and crafts. 


Set up all activities in advance. I had our craft station ready and also all toys set out for the kids. Sure things didn’t stay neat but it sure beats trying to dig around for everything while guests are there. 


Prepping ahead of time means you can enjoy your mom chats and the kids will have fun. Remember to be flexible and enjoy. It’s a play date after all. 

At home play date with friends

The highlights of our play date were watching all the kids of different ages play together. Baby E at 7 months absolutely loves engaging with the older kids. The absolute favorite toy of the evening was the Spin & Giggle Puppy.


It was a big hit for Baby E, 16 month old  Grey, the three 36 month old girls (Zoe, Aaliyah & Olivia) and the soon to be 4 year old, Zj. The kids also enjoyed the Learn & Giggle Activity Station.

Bright Starts Play Date

Baby E is standing now so he couldn’t wait to get a hold of this toy.


He used the Giggables lion as his latest teething find. No Baby E, it won’t fit in your mouth.


While the kids played, us moms enjoyed a quick bite, traded stories and talked about education. We also joined in on the fun with the kids and of course I nursed Baby E. We can’t forget that!

Bright Starts Play Date

The kids loved the Bright Starts toys and as a mom, I can say I love them too. I love that the toys can easily be enjoyed by infants and older toddlers. While I don’t normally do light up toys, these toys were not over stimulating and they each have an educational component. I say that’s a win. We all agreed to get the kids together for more play dates at least once every 3 months. Trust me, us moms are looking forward to it too. 

What are your favorite play date activities? 

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