HomeAway Top 20 Castles: 3 Castles in America

HomeAway top 20 castles. 3 castles in America.

In the spirit of all things Beauty and the Beast, let’s talk about more castles we can rent for a fairytale like vacation. The HomeAway Top 20 Castles list is the perfect place to start.  One doesn’t usually think of a castle vacation stateside but trust me, these castles are just as grand as castles overseas. Here are the three castles in America that made the HomeAway Top 20 Castles list. 

HomeAway Top 20 Castles. Piru California is one of 3 castles in the U.S. on the list.

Piru, California 

California is known for warm weather, wine country, the rich and famous and more. A trip to California is most certainly a good all around option for families or a vacation with friends. My girls would be too excited to stay in a castle. Honestly, I would too so Piru California is definitely on our dream vacation list. Now Piru is not cheap but you can’t put a price on memories and since it sleeps up to 20, a family and friends trip is possible. There is plenty of room for everyone while still having some privacy. It’s just outside of LA and close to Six Flags magic mountain which is definitely a perk when a trip with kids is involved. 

HomeAway Top 20 Castles. Sequim, Washington is one of 3 castles in the U.S. on the list.

Sequim, Washington

Want a castle vacation but need to keep a budget in mind? Sequim, Washington is perfect. It’s another family-friendly destination which sleeps up to 24 and also has a private half mile long beach. I can imagine a sweet birthday party for a special little princess or big princess (are you reading this husband?) right here. Mountain views and rural wonders make this a perfect getaway from city life. Sequim reminds me of some of the European castles on the list.

HomeAway Top 20 Castles, Rindge, New Hampshire.

Rindge, New Hampshire

Now I must admit this NYC girl is partial to any vacation destination the East Coast. Driving up north from NYC is simply magical. The views, the quaint towns, and the landmarks are so worth it. This beautiful castle falls right in the middle as far as cost is concerned but once again who can but a price on such an enchanted vacation? Up to 22 people can stay at Rindge. 500 hundred acres means there is privacy. There are lake activities, hiking and more. It’s a great option for a winter getaway or a fabulous summer retreat. 

HomeAway Duns Castle Contest 

Don’t forget about the HomeAway Duns Castle Contest with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Check out the details on Duns Castle, Scotland and make sure you enter to win this fabulous trip for up to 20 people by March 31. Talk about a family and friends vacation. 

Where would your dream castle vacation be?

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