Hi Atlanta!

Hi Atlanta

Hi Atlanta,

I’ve been visiting here for over 20 years and now I have lived here for just over a year but guess what? We never really met. Crazy right? I don’t know you and you really don’t Zoë or me. It’s time we get well acquainted with one another.

So Atlanta, what do you want to know about me? I’m a 30 something NYC Girl. Shout out to Brooklyn! I am a first time mom to Zoë who is 18 months old. Check out the blog, you can find her here and here and a few more places of course. I am also a wife to my hubby Junior. We refer to him as The Hubs around here, and step mom to a pretty fantastic almost 8 year old named Zaya. I love to cook, eat, shop and workout. Yes shopping is a workout. I love fitness especially running and I am hoping to become a yogi. But wait there is more; I love museums, art galleries, raves, picnics and wine. Not in any particular order.

And how about you? Well I hear you are an amazing city with lots to see, do and discover. I’m here for all of it. So far my list of places I’ve said hi to include Stone Mountain Park. Well more than Hi, Zoë and I are here 3-4x per week so we are Actually BFFs! I love the main jogging route around the mountain. We get in most of our mileage here and we make frequent pit stops to the playground. I’ve also climbed the mountain a few times. It kicks my tush every single time.

Where else have we said hi too? Piedmont Park while training for the Women’s 5K back in March. We have also visiting the following places 1 time with many more visits to come: The Aquarium, The Children’s Museum, Legoland and Zoo Atlanta. We also spend lots of time at the libraries around Decatur. Zoë loves reading and playtime with her friends. That’s pretty much it. But don’t worry Atlanta, I have a list of places to visit and a few places I’m sure we will discover along the way. So Hi Atlanta. It’s nice to meet you and I’m sure we fall in love with one another during more adventures.


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