A Healthier Me Update + My #MetaSnackID

Meta Appetite Control, walking and meditation are helping me be a healthier me.

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Hi Mamas,

I wanted to share an update on my journey to a healthier me. A few months ago I shared about my past eating issues with food and how some of the feelings associated with those issues still happen from time to time which leads me down the road to eating junk and far too much of it. I also shared how using Meta Appetite Control has helped me deal with my food cravings.

Before I share my update and things I’m doing to stay on track, I want to share this POPSUGAR Snack ID Quiz with you. Go ahead and take it and see where you fall in the snacker categories. No surprise, I’m “The All-Or-Nothing Nosher”. Bite-sized? What is that?

What’s your Snack ID?

Meta Appetite Control, walking and meditation are helping me be a healthier me.

Healthier Me Update + Actions

Portion Control

Portion control is my major focus to get this body right. I just can’t help myself when I’m around feel good food. I am using a great plan that helps me practice portion control. I’m also still using Meta Appetite Control to help feel less hungry between meals.* Plus we all know the other unspoken benefit of a fiber rich diet right? Right. It’s easy for me to drink my fiber intake than it is to dodge all the fun aka bad things that are stored right around those healthy fiber muffins or the ingredients to make them at the supermarket. Because when I’m in my feelings, I cannot guarantee that I won’t grab donuts or cake mix.

Meta Appetite Control Smoothie Mix for a healthier me.

Mindful Practices

But guess what else works? Meditation and deep breathing. Doing one or both of these has been a major game changer for me when I feel the need to “eat my feelings”. When my feelings make we want to grab the next cake (yes the whole cake) and eat it, I stop and do some deep breathing or take 5 minutes to meditate. And then I drink some water with Meta Appetite Control mixed in. If I need a little something sweet I will either use the flavored Meta or mix the unflavored powder with a little apple juice.


When I am feeling emotional or just plain bored, I tend to eat. Instead of immediately reaching for food, I grab the kids, fill our water bottles (water for them, water with Meta Appetite Control for me) and head outdoors. Taking a brisk walk (or slow walk depending on Zoe) helps with food cravings because seriously most times I am not hungry. Plus the calorie burn. We always end up playing after I walk which makes everyone happy too.

Meta Appetite Control, walking and meditation are helping me be a healthier me.

Meta Appetite Control, walking, and meditation are helping me be a healthier me.

What are your healthier me goals? Share them with me in the comments. Here’s a $2 off coupon for Meta Appetite Control. Trust me it really works. You can also enter to win Meta Appetite Control Prize Pack and a Fitbit Flex 2.

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