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Baby E’s Halloween 2016: From Superman to Spiderman

Ethan's Halloween 2016

Baby E rocked out as Spiderman for Halloween this year. It was a last minute costume because as ice shared before mama struggles with the whole boy thing and time for the best of me. But he was cute as could be and since he loves to climb EVERYTHING, Batman was perfect. I’m laughing inside because the costume was technically too short but his high tops did a pretty good job of hiding it. And there is the whole face mask thing… He wanted no parts of it. We settled on it being a sort of forehead hat. I’ll take it. 

As much as I love books and stories, I never really got into the whole superhero thing. Well with the exception of Wonder Woman. She will always be my girl. Anyway, I was going to dress him as a professor or “nerd” to make it cute and easy but in my usual can’t make up my mind ways, it didn’t happen. Plus I really think these little superhero costumes with the built in muscles are hilarious. Look how diesel my baby is. 

Ethan's Halloween 2016

I’m not all about the Halloween life (we didn’t go on the traditional trick or treat journey) but I’m always down for a good dress up session. This year was the first year Zoë picked out her own costume so I suppose I have another two years of deciding what Baby E will wear. And after that, it’s all on him. 

Here his throwback from last year. He was superman in his superman pajamas. Perfect because it was chilly and it was technically a free costume. Second babies get the shorter end of the stick but I promise to not make this a habit. I hope :/ 

Ethan's Halloween 2016

Next year I think I’m aiming for homemade costumes because I saw the most amazing homemade costumes this year. Boxes are truly a gift to all parents. Kids play with them for hours and they make amazing costumes. There was even a little girl dressed up at Netflix. Come on! I love it. So let’s see if mama can get a little crafty. I have a whole year to get it together. Ahem. 


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