Goodbye NaBloPoMo 2017

I made it guys! I made it to the end of NaBloPoMo 2017! I blogged almost every day this month. I can’t believe it but it feels good.

I deliberately decided not to blog on one day (November 16) for no particular reason but I set that in my plan from the beginning.

Then the days leading up to Thanksgiving were long and hard including two sick kiddos so I missed a day.

And then after Thanksgiving, I basically forgot NaBloPoMo was still going on. LOL! But I had posts waiting in draft so I went ahead and finished the month out.

Feeling pretty proud!

What I learned?

Planning the month out (in writing) is so necessary. Sure I made adjustments and please know Wordless Wednesday and a few other just picture days helps A LOT but planning is key.

I loved writing just for me (or you) in my own voice about any and everything. It was freeing.

I do have time daily or more time than I thought to commit to writing and I’m going to continue to use that time to write but also to study and learn.

I had fun rocking with Mimi, LaShawn and Aaronica on this journey. We kept each other going and I definitely needed it.

I wonder if I can do the VEDA (is that what it called?) video every day challenge? Video is a huge achilles heel for me but I am finally ready to tackle it so we shall see.

Goodbye NaBloPoMo! Until we meet again.

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