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How To Give Extra, Get Extra With A Simple Thank You

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

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There are so many things my mom taught me that I am teaching my own children. One of those lessons is to treat all people with kindness and saying thank you to people that help you in ways that don’t always get recognized. Imagine knowing your mail carrier, sanitation workers, local firefighters and even the officers on patrol in your neighborhood by name? Imagine that neighborhood is in a big city like New York? Does this sound crazy? It shouldn’t and it was standard for our family. Fast forward to now and you will find Zoë & I greeting our mail carrier and sanitation workers daily or on the day they come. 

These are some of the people that help us daily and for the most part their contributions to making our lives easier go unnoticed. Not for us. We say thank you and you know what? That thank you is a form of giving. But we do even more. We always have cold water in the summer, hot cocoa or hand warmers in the winter plus a few more simple things ready as thank you. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

I believe in the phrase “Give Extra, Get Extra” and by doing this, the same has come back to me. Even before Zoë could say her first words, she would wave to our sanitation workers while I handed them water or snacks. You know what happened next? Our sanitation workers started coming up the driveway to get our garbage if we didn’t take it to the curb. They would also bring the trash can back up the driveway. And that continues today. When I was pregnant with Baby E, they continued to do the same and would even ring our bell to say hello and check in on us. 

Now that we are in a routine, we go out to meet our service workers when we hear them rolling through the neighborhood. Do you do this with your children or on your own? If not, here’s how to make a simple thank you packet your local sanitation workers will appreciate: 

Thank You Gift Supplies 


Gather all your thank you goodies. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Pour trail mix into snack bags. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Make thank you note cards by folding a piece of cardstock in two, cutting then folding to make a note card. Then draw the words thank you in trace lines for your kids to fill in. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Add a simple thank you note on the inside and then repeat. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Cut cellophane wrapping into large enough pieces to hold all supplies. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Assemble goodie. 

give-extra-get-extra-thank-you 8

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Use a gift tag with rope attached to tie goodie bag together. 

give-extra-get-extra-thank-you 10

Repeat to make a second bag. 

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Sometimes Zoë gives them a hand drawn picture or a painting she’s done. Today she traced the words Thank You for our thank you cards. .  I think the hand drawn note is one of their favorite things along with the new Extra® 35-stick pack. Now that the package has been expanded, they don’t have to worry about running out of gum.

Give Extra, Get Extra with a thank you gift.

Plus with all the jumping in and out of the garbage truck, the new packaging is durable and will withstand all the heavy lifting and movement. Plus the packaging is recyclable. What sanitation worker wouldn’t love that? We grab all of our supplies at Kroger including the new Extra® 35-stick pack which can be found in the checkout aisle. 

Extra Gum Kroger

Do you make thank you bags for your local service workers, teachers or friends and family that help make your days better? Share your thank you bag ideas with me in the comments. We are always looking for new items to add. 

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