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Getting to Clarity – Word of the Year

Getting to clarity with these changes in 2020. Clarity is my one word of the year.


That’s it. I want to move, make and live in clarity. Sounds simple enough right? It certainly can be but it’s not all that easy when you know, ish happens. But clarity is where I stand at the open door that is 2020.

The definition of clarity I’m talking about is being clear on what I want, who I am currently and who I want to be in the future. Living with less fear and doubt. Actually doing instead of planning myself into a state of nothing getting done. You know what I mean?

On Getting to Clarity

If there is only one thing I do to get more clear and intentionally, that one thing will be to remove distractions. So that’s where I’m starting.

Removing Distractions

I’m dumbing down my smartphone if you will. Removing email, the gazillion apps I never use, the ones I use to much aka the apps of infinite scroll and using the downtime feature instead of clicking the more option. To my core, I’m a person that craves alone time. Yet somehow I’m always connected to things and people aka “hi friends” on IG and Facebook. So replacing that infinite scroll time with reading or learning a new skill is it. First up for a skill is photography. I will become a bomb photographer for my business.

I’ll report back on how I’m doing with my dumb smartphone life in 30 days.

Make Space

Along with removing distractions, I need to declutter. I don’t do well in mess so my house is rarely messy but there is simply too much stuff. I can’t handle it anymore. Closets! I’m starting with closets. Oh and the junk draw(s) in the kitchen. Why? We don’t need all that paper and stuff. I don’t need endless amounts of house clothes. The level of eye roll I have for house clothes right now. I won’t be runway or corporate ready every day but I won’t look like I slept in after a college football game and after party either. But yeah the declutter game is real!

I’m ready to make space.



Do the things I say I’m going to do.

Do the things I say I’m going to do.


I’ve planned and I’ve planned and I’ve brainstorm and on and on. I have journals worth of big ideas, INotes worth of big ideas, Group Chats worth of big ideas and countless conversations too. But how many of those ideas have I actually executed? The real answer is NONE.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

I will do.


I will continue to write my goals, big ideas, etc down but what I will do is also write the down steps necessary. Along with those steps will be dates to complete them by. And I will set reminders for myself. I will speak them out load. I will write them plain and specific. And I will get back to writing my thoughts and feelings. This another key way of making space for me. Clearing my mind. I am a writer.


I will get off my tush and move! There was a time when I could sprint like a gazelle. There was a time when 1.5 years post motherhood I ran a 10K in honor of Elijah. There is still that goal of running a half Mary. And quite possible a full. But none of this will happen if I continue to sit and snack and exist in a perpetual state of insomnia. I will move.

I am a runner.


I love good food. I love making good food. I rarely promote 30 minute or less meals. Making a roux from scratch over a few hours speaks to my soul! But my relationship with food has gone south. My smoked paprika shrimp over salad has been replaced with fast or junk food. My stop eating at 6pm has turned into “I deserve a snack once these kids go to bed”. And on and on. It has to end. It is done. It’s above me now.

I will eat all the good things.


I have a lot of emotional healing to do. It’s decades overdue but more recently I realized I am living in a state of trauma and fear about dying from a blood clot. I declare that I am still here for a purpose so I need to heal. I will share more on what I am doing to heal later. I’m pretty excited about a new form a therapy I discovered through a good friend. 

I am healing. 


I choose joy. I will embrace joy. I will do things that bring me joy. I will give joy. Joy in my family, friends, activities, reading, cooking and celebrating. Joy in the simple things like that first cup of coffee.

I am JOY!

That’s is my plan to gain clarity. It’s by no means the complete list of things I am committing to doing but it’s a start and it all requires action.

My word of the year is CLARITY.

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