Garden, Gelato & Green Smoothie

green smoothie

Yesterday I wrote about flowers, today I am continuing my in the garden theme but this time I am speaking vegetable garden along with saving myself from a full on gelato binge.

I am a fan of fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs (yes tomorrow’s H post will be about Herbs.) I spend a lot of money on organic fruits and vegetables so I have decided to start a container vegetable garden. I am starting with tomatoes and green peppers. I make fresh tomato sauce; stewed tomatoes and I love tomatoes as a snack or salad addition. They can be pricey by the pound and the shelf life is meh so I am hoping I can master growing tomatoes. Stay tuned as I document the process. The same goes for these green peppers. What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!

Vegetable Garden

Fact: Although I love plants, flowers and home-grown vegetables and fruits, I do not have a green thumb. Emphases on I DO NOT!

On to the Gelato…

On Sunday I had this strange craving for ice cream. I am not a big ice cream fan so the urge to enjoy it is very rare. While picking up supplies for my soon to be bountiful garden I stopped in the frozen dessert aisle. I normal vanilla in these situations so that was the plan however I fancy jar next to my favorite vanilla caught my eye. Yes I am a sucker for great packaging. The label read gelato: Sicilian Pistachio to be exact. What! I love gelato (the one exception to my not so love of ice cream.) Add pistachios to that mix and it’s an automatic “YES PLEASE!” So I scooped up the gelato and enjoyed it as my evening treat. Then it hit me to peek at the nutritional label. I am big on watching my sugar intake but I generally don’t sweat indulgences. I enjoyed my 1/2 cup of gelato but I’m glad I measured out the exact portion. The amount of sugar would have sent me running to sugar-free frozen yogurt (I DIE!)


Then today I wake up with the gelato on my mind. Well not exactly. Two people on Instagram commented on my gelato picture about how much they love that brand and other flavors I should try. Why God? Why do you send these evil loving people my way? That was it I was heading to the freezer to grab my gelato at 10 AM! I quickly changed that and ended up making a green smoothie. Here it is. It was good and the rest of the pint of pistachio gelato gets to live another day.

Green Smoothie:

2 C baby spinach, 1 banana, 1 tbsp flax meal, 10 blueberries, 5 raspberry, 1/4 C oatmeal, 1 C unsweetened almond milk, dash of nutmeg, dash of cinnamon

green smoothie

Have you grown a vegetable garden? How was your experience and please share your must have indulgences too.

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