Game Day Traditions As A Mom

game day traditions include mommy me time

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If you know me then you know how much I love football. Every year I wait for the season to start with so much excitement and that hasn’t changed now that I’m a mom. What has changed is how I do game day. Prior to being known as wife and mom, my game day traditions included watching Sunday Night Football with friends while enjoying a brew or cocktail and wings. Sometimes the event would be loud and rowdy because lets face it football is an emotional sport! I was also a big fantasy football player and would often beat the fellas in our group. And I was never short on trash talk. LOL 

Fast forward to family life and my game day traditions have changed. First off I’m now a SAHM which means I spend endless hours caring for my husband, kids and home. The Hubs off day is Sunday so game day entails mama getting in a little self care and me time before or after the games and dinner. So what do my Sundays and mama #GameDayTraditions look like?

Sunday prep starts on Saturday for mama so before the Hubs heads to work, I run out to Walmart to pick up some pre game health and beauty items for mama me time, weekly grocery items and game day menu items.

5 am: Nursing session with Baby E

5:30 am: Mommy me time part 1 including a quick workout, meditation,  shower and my weekly hair washing with Head & Shoulders 2in1. My scalp has not recovered from the hormonal storm that is pregnancy, nursing and postpartum.

game day traditions include mommy me time

Every few weeks, I add my grooming to my me time which usually means shaving my legs and underarms. Yes mamas, keeping up with grooming isn’t always our first priority but it is so worth it. Lately I’ve been loving the Gillette Venus Swirl with Flexi Ball and contour blades because I need a flawless shave in the shortest amount of time possible. You know how it is moms; me time can easily be cut short by a crying baby or toddler in need. 

game day traditions include mommy me time

7 am: Little Z is up and ready to start her day so we wash up, get dressed and head down for breakfast 

8 am: Baby E is up and ready to join us plus have his breakfast 

8:30 am: Play time 

10 am: Baby E takes a nap (hopefully) and Z and I work on dinner prep. Once a month we enjoy game day wings which I season the day before. 

11 am: Baby E is up. Story time for both kids then Z does an individual art or craft project. The Hubs usually wakes up around this time depending on what time he came in from work. 

12:30 Lunch time 

1 pm: Nap time for both kids. Dinner is cooked while the Hubs and I tunes in to the early game. We trash talk while the kids are out of ears reach. LOL

3:30 – 4 Wake up time. Game day appetizers for everyone

game day traditions appetizers

4:30 or 5 pm Dinner 

6:15 pm Bed time routines begin 

7:00-8 pm Kids are sleeping

8 pm Late games and more trash talking with the hubs while we clean up 

10 pm Mama takes more mean time including a hot shower and a little Crest 3D Whitestrips action because yes I still enjoy a light cup of java each day. Crest helps me keep my pearly whites looking good. I also catch up on social media and  watch the highlights from around the league and then I end the night with some light reading and journaling. 

game day traditions include mommy me time

11:30 Movie Night if  the Hubs and I are not knocked out! 

Sometimes we go out for a date on Sundays. We often like to take this time to get in a physical activity such as bowling or we head to our favorite local sports bar. Either way, we enjoy a little couple time, watch the game and reconnect outside of the home and our kids. And of course we trash talk some more about the games and our favorite teams. 

What do your #GameDayTraditions look like?




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