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Fun At Home With Kids

This easy ideas for fun at home with kids during the quarantine are simple.

Thank you Juicy Juice for partnering with us to share some fun at home with kids.

Having fun at home with kids? We are, but… I never imagined our regular everyday would come to a complete stop but it did for us and practically everyone around the world. Never thought I’d have to share my quiet time at home with my not so quiet family. Ha! That’s a truth moment. I am far from an introvert but having long stretches of quiet (or focused productive time) has always been my fancy. I was the grad student that would come home, go to sleep early and then wake up to do all my studies at 2 am. Why? The world around me was almost silent at that hour. Quiet for Brooklyn at least. I was also the girl that turned her closet into a hideout just so she could have some alone time away from the rest of the family. 

Fast forward to adulthood with responsibilities and yes, having everyone gone for a part of the day was my jam. But here we are and I’m making the best of it with these little ones and the big one too. Here is our go to fun at home with kids list. 

Fun At Home With Kids 

Grow Some Seeds

If you’ve been around for awhile then you know gardening is my jam. The #tinygardeners love it too so this tip comes kids approved. Grow some seeds friends. Now you can plan to start a bunch of seeds but if a handful will do. Kids love setting up this easy process. They also love checking in on the seeds.

Kids love growing flowers from seeds

Tiny Gardener EJ started some seeds with his friends and teacher in plastic cups. He says they are sunflowers. I’m not sure but we will see what happens with them in a few more weeks. They have thrived in that tiny cup.

A fun garden project for kids is to start seeds using the paper towel method.

Tiny Gardener Zoe started some bean seeds in paper towels and sandwich bags on March 30. Just over 2 weeks later, most of those seeds are now ready to be transplanted into our garden. 

  • What you need to start in a cup: Seeds (I can mail 5 of you some), soil, water, disposable cup 
  • What you need to start in sandwich bags: seeds, paper towel, water, bag

Chalk Art Is Always Fun

We have been enjoying several free online art classes but when the kids need to get outside to burn some energy, we bring out the chalk too. Draw flowers, rainbows, obstacle courses and more. Chalking as my kids call it is always a hit. Just remind the kiddos the chalk will eventually fade or wash away if it rains. Can’t get outside? Make the same art with colored pencils or paint. You can use chalk if you have a chalkboard. We have DIY chalkboard loading.  

Chalk art is an easy and low cost activity for kids at home.

Exercise Together

The kids have taken to doing an exercise with dad, doing yoga with me or making up their own routine. Yesterday EJ took out the pull up bar to do push ups on it. Can you say beast mode? I can’t even do that. But one fun game they love that is exercise is hopscotch. Chalk art + exercise for the win. Go on a neighborhood nature walk. We have been collecting interesting leaves and wild flowers to make some nature collages. 

hopscotch is a fun way to exercise at home

Break Some of The Rules 

I’m adding this one because during these times it’s necessary. I am a stickler for schedules. I just like routine and at least one of my kiddos is the same. Things like no screen time during the week, minimal snacks and consistent bedtime is how the show goes around here. But with online learning and the need to have some sense of balance, I’ve decided it’s ok if we break some of the rules. So what does that look like? Movie nights on a Wednesday, juice with lunch and 8 pm instead of 7 bedtime. Funny thing is these kids are usually asking to go to bed by 7:30 anyway. Mama is not mad about that.

Kids can enjoy Juicy Juice Fruitifuls organic juice

Speaking of juice, we love the Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Organic Fruit Punch. Seriously friends, break some of the rules if you find that your days keep ending up filled with unhappy faces… kids and adults included. 

Theatre Anyone 

Story time has taken on new heights. I’ve always made my read aloud sets fun but now we have gone full costume and stage level. Some books end up being a night at the opera. Others take us on a safari adventure. And guess what? The theatre in it all doesn’t have to be related to the theme of the book. Make it as wacky and off as you want. 

Get Your Pen Pal On

This tip is for kids young and old. Pull out that box of cards you bought but never seem to get around to filling out. Grab some loose leaf paper or card stock. Whip out all the pens, colored pencils, markers and stickers you have and get to writing. We love sending special occasion and gratitude cards, but introducing Z to the art of pen pal has been so much fun. She is excited to put the stamp on the envelopes and mail them off. This turned into a homeschool lesson because she needed all the details about how letters get to us and to the people we mail them too. Never stop learning friends.  Now this project does come with the whole kid asking you 50-11 times if they have any mail but when they actually do it is worth it. Remember I warned you! They will ask you 50-11 times about the mail. 

Teach your kids to pen pal then find friends to do it with.

Bake All The Things 

Cue Beyonce’s “we’ve been baking, we’ve been baking”. If you have budding pastry chefs at home, now is a perfect time to get your bake on. We have made “healthish” cookies, upside down cake, double decker cake, and mini bug cakes too. Let’s just say all the baking means mama needs to step up her exercise game. Maybe I’ll introduce myself to that pull up bar after all. After I bake these baguettes. Promise. 

Need more ideas for fun at home with kids? Checkout the Juicy Juice Recipes & Activities page for ideas your family will enjoy together.

Try some of these easy fun at home with kids activities to make your day go by.

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