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Karen of The Madhouse of Cats & Babies is hosting a weekly linkup for sharing fitness and weight loss updates. I may be crazy but I have decided to join. Why? Because I’m tired of hiding behind the walls of my house aka the wall of food that consumes me. If I see it, I will eat it. It’s just that simple.

Lately I have been caving to all sorts of cravings. More like crashing, burning and tumbling down the Grand Canyon! Some cravings like my favorites chocolate and french-fries have been attacking me. But these are normal. However, others who have suddenly appeared or rear their ugly heads during the monthly bewitching time such as Meat! And there was that Chick-Fil-A peach milkshake I just had to have in the name of why not!

To add insult to injury, I have been up and down with my running schedule. At first it was my knee. Then it was the loss of a friend who was more like a brother. Then it was my birthday. But I powered through and completed my first official 10K so I was feeling pretty stoked and ready to get back on schedule. That was last Friday. So have I run since? Nope.

Let’s not forget that I haven’t been logging my food in my favorite app of which I have a great group of friends for support. Nor have I tracked my daily steps or the 3 runs I have done in the past month. And weight/body training has all but vanished.

So yeah, I’m joining this linkup because:

1. I committed to being happy for my 37th year of life. And being healthy makes me happy.

2. In order to be happy you have to stop hiding.

3. Knowing I have a weekly commitment means I have to put forth an effort. I like having deadlines and accountability.

4. I look like I’m entering my second trimester in the most recent pics I took. And I took some pictures for a workout with your child series I am doing and they actually made me feel embarrassed. Nope I don’t want to look perfect nor do I feel the everyday busy mom can relate to images of perfect bodies but damn it how can I encourage others to get Fit & Beautiful when I am not a good representative of that. And it’s not just because of the pictures. I’ve been making bad choices and I’ve been lazy. Very lazy.

5. I want to be able to cook the fun foods and drinks for my all food blog enjoy a few of these treats and not worry about it. Yes a part of the reason I run has to do with food. I have lots of work to do but I know me well enough to know I will never give up all the things all the super militant health and fitness folks say to. I will never take massive amounts of supplements or drink those alleged healthy powdered mixes as meal replacements. I’m just not that person. Say what you want, I know and live my truth.

So here goes nothing. Well something. My update:

Weight 173.2 (a gain of 5.6 lbs)


Waist (the love handle one) 37

Hips 46

Thighs 26

Arms 11.5

SighFitness: Weighing In

I’ll update my weight and measurements weekly along with what exercises I’ve done for the week and how my eating went. I promise to be honest. I’m also joining in with some of my FitBloggin’ family to keep one another accountable.

Want to join me? Let’s get FAB together no matter how many times we fall down.

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