First Trip To Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta where are you?

Here you are! Yippee. Look at all the animals. Mommy turned my seat around so I could take it all in. Don’t I look happy.

Zoo Atlanta

My favorite animals were the Giraffes and the parakeets.

Zoo Atlanta

I also enjoyed the reptiles and those silly Orangutans. The elephants were pretty funny too. They would not cooperate so mommy could get a good picture with them.

Zooe Atlanta

The baby pandas were not out to see me. Shame on them. They missed out. Next time we will share a quick chat from one toddler to two others. I also missed the petting Zoo and the carousel so you know my next visit will have to start there.

My first visit to Zoo Atlanta was so much fun. Next time I’m taking the lead. We started with all the attractions for the big kids and our adults but nope next time it’s toddler time. Clear the way, Zoë is coming through.


Little Z

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