Finding Balance in Mama Land

Being a mom is the greatest blessing I have ever received. I feel complete and I love my Zoë more than I can begin to express (this post would be years long if I did). However I am struggling with trying to find balance. 95% of my day is spent caring for Zoë and my household duties as a SAHM. I spend the rest between sleeping, eating and social media. No I am not single which means there is a problem with how my day goes. More on this in a few. I also have an exercise routine i need to be more consistent business with and business ventures to launch.

Trying to find balance is my biggest struggle. Zoë is not the greatest sleeper and I am an insomniac. Lately she has been sleeping really well but my insomnia is raging so I end up staying up late and sleeping far to late. The past 3 days I have not gotten out of bed before 11 am. Normally by 11 I have worked out , had my breakfast smoothie and started chores. These days I am fighting myself to get up even as midday approaches. I feel guilty for sleeping in and I definitely don’t feel accomplished.

Sleeping in is an issue but my biggest issues are finding quality time for the babe and working on starting my business. My honey works the overnight shift which adds another dynamic to our far too inconsistent “Lovie” time. Not just physical but our social time together. We are still in love but boy do we need some QT. I need to romance for other areas to get the attention they deserve. My mom will be watching Zoë tomorrow so we can have date night. I’m excited. I must get haute and beautiful for the evening. I need to cash in on grandma duty more often. I again I feel guilty about it.

I also worked for 13 years in Corporate America. I was very use to having a schedule an accomplishing work goals by a certain time. Now I am all baby focused and I need to find the time to get my life dreams into gear. I don’t miss my job but living by a 9 to 5 schedule during the day definitely has its pros.

Tomorrow I will be creating a schedule to see of it will help. My honey says I am being to hard on myself because Zoë is only 8 months. I say I feel like I’m getting lazy and complacent.

Do you think I’m being too are on myself? How do you balance it all?


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