Family Fun & Learning with Uncommon Goods

Spanish alphabet and numbers blocks from Uncommon Goods.

Sometimes I find it hard to plan activities for the whole family to enjoy. The hubs and I can adjust to anything but not our kids. Who am I kidding? Most kids won’t adjust to please their siblings. So I set out to find some fun activities we can all enjoy at the same time or that I the hubs and I can do with the kids individually. I found the answer in Uncommon Goods

Fun for the Kids

Spanish Language blocks and storage wagon from Uncommon Goods. A fun way to introduce a new language to your kids. Fun for the whole family too.

Blocks! But wait these aren’t just any blocks, they are foreign language blocks. Since I am teaching Zoe & Baby E Spanish, these blocks are perfect for both of them. For now, Baby E prefers to eat them but he is also getting in early lessons while Zoe and I practice our numbers and letters. With these blocks, we can work on picture and word association too. Dad and Big Z can join in on the fun since we will all need to know some Spanish. Big Z is studying Spanish in school so these blocks are great for reinforcement even though she is older. The storage wagon for the blocks will hopefully save my sanity and save a few Oscar-worthy screams due to stepping on a rogue block or two. Kids in your house? Then yes you deserve on Oscar for Best Scream Because of a Toy. How’s that for a new category. LOL. Uncommon Goods has foreign language blocks in Mandarin too. 

All Aboard New York, California and Paris books from Uncommon Goods.

We are big book lovers in this house. Story time happens anytime and anywhere. I was so excited to find this All Aboard New York book. I mean come on… I’m from Brooklyn! And you know how proud we are. Really proud. I get to share some of my favorite parts of New York City with my kids and end it off with my tales of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

uncommon-goods 2

The set also comes with an All Aboard Paris and All Aboard California Book. So we basically travel from the East Coast to the West Coast and then fly overseas to the beauty that is Paris. 

Who doesn't love a good story. Rory's Story Cubes are perfect for storytime and storytelling. Let your toddler's imagination run free. They are perfect for school age kids and adults too.

Rory’s Story Cubes are perfect for Big Z. It’s a great way for us to engage her in the art of storytelling and creative while reinforcing what she is learning in school for language arts. I love a great story. I still write poems and short stories so this is a fun way for Big Z and me to bond as stepmom & daughter. But guess what? Zoe (Little Z) loves a good story too. The stories she comes up with crack me up so once I teach her how the story cubes go, I am sure our adventures in story land will be epic. Baby E can sit back and enjoy too. 

Fun with Tiggly Words vowels and apps for toddlers and above. A great way for kids to enjoy interactive learning on their tablets. Get TIggly Words, Shapes and math from Uncommon Goods.

Ok, so my kids have tablets. Well Baby E doesn’t yet but he will. I am definitely not the sit in front of this screen type of mom. Of course, there are exceptions: 

  1. Mom needs a minute. 
  2. Someone needs undivided attention. 
  3. Dinner prep that could be dangerous. Knives anyone. 
  4.  I need a few pics without the kids (#bloggerproblems) lol. 

But I like to make tablet time educational at times with Tiggly Words. How perfect is this “toy”? Check out Zoe enjoying the Sesame Street app that comes with Tiggly Words. 

And of course, a little music…

Uncommon Goods has the perfect drumstick pens or pencils. A little impromptu drum session makes for family fun any time of day.

Because we love drums around here, having drumstick pens makes for a fun break during lesson time. Baby E wanted at these sticks so bad but they aren’t exactly baby safe. Not that he cares. The hubs loves these two. Don’t be surprised if you catch us on video drumming with these pens for a little after dinner family fun. I think another set as an anniversary gift will be perfect along with the BBQ Briefcase. 

Uncommon Goods for an Uncommon Date Night

Parents just want to have fun too! This 3D Globe Puzzle for date night at home once the kids fall asleep and the house is hopefully in order. Challenge! We are a competitive couple. Our sudoku and scrabble matches are intense like timers and everything. So yep, we will set up the puzzle, whip out the timer and see who gets more done first. I will win. The hubs may cheat since each piece of the puzzle comes numbered. And once we are done, this standing globe puzzle will work for lessons about the world for the kiddos. 

Uncommon Goods has something for everyone. Toys, Puzzles, home decor and more.

See how awesome Uncommon Goods is? Check out their site and see what they are up to on Facebook and Instagram for more picks for the kids, home, decor, and the special people in your life. 

Thank you, Uncommon Goods for sending us products to review for family fun.

As always all opinions are my own. 

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  • Reply
    March 8, 2016 at 1:10 PM

    What a fabulous post MJ! I have to check out Uncommon Goods so much awesome stuff.

    • Reply
      M J
      March 10, 2016 at 11:16 AM

      Thanks Adanna. Uncommon Goods is a treasure for all sorts of gifts for the entire family. I am exciting about getting gifts for everyone’s birthdays and the holidays from Uncommon Goods.

  • Reply
    March 8, 2016 at 5:08 PM

    I LOVE those books! My youngest is all about books and educations apps so these look pretty cool. And as diverse as our area is I’m surprised they don’t teach spanish as well in the (public) school.

    • Reply
      M J
      March 10, 2016 at 11:15 AM

      No Spanish in school? That is very surprising. We are getting a headstart on it by doing it at home and attending a spanish class once per week.

  • Reply
    March 8, 2016 at 7:25 PM

    These are some great ideas
    My children are 10 years apart so finding something they can both do is more than challenging.

    • Reply
      M J
      March 10, 2016 at 11:14 AM

      I can imagine. Our girls are 6 years apart. The story cubes are probably the best thing for kids with a wide age difference.

  • Reply
    Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green
    March 8, 2016 at 10:56 PM

    I love these, not the drum because sanity. My daughter takes Spanish in pre-school. This would be a great way to re-enforce what she is learning at school.

    • Reply
      M J
      March 10, 2016 at 11:14 AM

      Yes Mimi, they are excellent to use as reinforcement.

  • Reply
    March 9, 2016 at 12:08 AM

    wow, being a mom is work. Your always thinking about all the children and how each of them need something different. yikes! but its seems like you got it down pat. Don’t forget to take time out for you as well.

    • Reply
      M J
      March 10, 2016 at 11:13 AM

      The time out for me is truly the hardest part. One day I will find a semi balance.

  • Reply
    Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)
    March 10, 2016 at 8:40 PM

    OMG! These items are adorable. I love the kids travel theme books. Start the desire to travel early and they’ll start seeing the world early. The language blocks are a fabulous idea! My god kids will be receiving those! 🙂

    • Reply
      M J
      March 13, 2016 at 4:55 PM

      These toys and books are so special. I love turning the travel books into a fun story time session. Picture me pretending to be the Brooklyn Bridge. LOL

  • Reply
    Chasing Joy Attn: Arlett R. Hartie
    March 11, 2016 at 4:54 PM

    Thes are really great toys. I love the foreign language. Such a simple and great twist on a clasic toy.

    • Reply
      M J
      March 13, 2016 at 4:54 PM

      Thanks Arlett. Yes the letter blocks are my favorite. I may even like them more than my kids do. LOL

  • Reply
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