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Beauty Flash for the busy mom: Face

You have 5 minutes to spare for beauty don’t you? Of course you do. I suppose you could update your Facebook, scroll through Instagram, Tweet a good morning, pin an awesome find and scan your email in under 5 minutes. Well what about 5 minutes just for you? For your pretty that is.
My in a flash 5 minute face leaves me feeling confident whether I am heading out to church, for a fun day with Zoë, shopping with my sisters or out for some me time (the hair salon, the nail shop or shopping.) Heck I put in my face for a quick supermarket run. I’m a stay-at-home mom. Trips to the supermarket count as an outing.

Of course I start with my cleansing routine (wash & moisturizer with Aveeno Sensitive or CeraVe Face.)

Listed in the order I apply:

1. Lip Balm: EOS sweet mint is my fav.
2. Tinted moisturizer or BB cream: Current haute on e.l.f. tinted moisturizer
3. Under Eye Concealer*: I found this article after reading an issue of my favorite mag In Style
4. Eyeliner: I can’t say I have a favorite eyeliner.  I did just buy an e.l.f. so you never know.
5. Mascara: Another e.l.f. stand out but two of my other favorites are Dior Show and Maybelline Lash Stiletto.
6. Lip Gloss: Boy Bait by MAC has been my go to forever.
7. Perfume**: Bvlgari Omnia shown here. It is light in a very grown woman way. My other flirty fav is Chanel Eau Tendre.

This is a simple enough routine, but let’s be honest how many times have you skipped a quick face routine or no someone who never takes the time? I use to ride the subway system in NYC, I have seen it all. 5 minutes too little and 5 minutes too much!

Go ahead take 5 minutes to add a touch of pretty to your already beautiful face. You deserve it.

* I only apply this when sleep has eluded me or it’s going to be a long day/night. I must ask one of my makeup mavens if this should be applied before my tinted moisturizer?
** Not a face product but it’s what I call the finisher. If you do nothing else to your face (eye shadow, etc) spritz on a little perfume in just the right places for an all day pick me up or to turn a few heads (wink wink.)

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