Driver Safety: What to Do in a Skid

Do you know what to do if you your car skids?    
Many adult drivers do not know what to do when their car skids. If you are a parent of a soon to be driver, you not only need to know what to do in a skid, you need to be able to show your teen what they need to do if their car skids. While practice does not necessarily make perfect, taking your young driver (or just yourself) to an empty parking lot to practice the necessary steps to perform in a skid is not a bad idea. My first advice though is to hire a professional. Call a local driving school to see if they offer this as a part of a hands on defensive driving course. If not, know the steps and educate your younger driver.   
No matter what type of drive your car is (rear wheel or front wheel), recovering from a skid is the same. Here are the key steps:   
Take Feet of the Pedals:  If you are accelerating or if you happen to be breaking when a skid occurs, you need to remove your feet from the pedals. The goal is for the car to slow down so your tires can start to gain some control.

Find more important tips: Skid

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