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The Dress Up Life with Zoe

Dress up with Zoe. Costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

My little lady is all about the dress-up life. All about it. Sometimes that means 4 outfit changes a day and by outfits, I mean actual clothes. Help me with the laundry folks. Help! But I’m not mad about her getting all dressed up because I know she gets that from me. I didn’t have a ton of dress up clothes growing up but I did have some cute outfits and I had older sisters so there was always something in hand to turn into a beautiful or genius outfit and enter my world of make believe. I was a storyteller and dressing up became a part of my stories. I would write the plot and then get to work recreating the scenes in an outfit or 2. 

Fast forward and my little all dressed up Zoë is the same. She’s great at telling stories and when she gets dressed up, her stories come to life in many many layers. I love it. She goes from doctor to princess to chef to soccer player to race car driver seamlessly. She’s a girlie girl but her adventures as a rock climber are on point too. 

Dress up with Zoe. Costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

Can I pause and throw my mommy two-cents in for a moment… The whole gender neutral thing. I get it and I’m not knocking it BUT to each is own. You go ahead and do your gender neutral thing while I go ahead and let my girl be any princess she wants to be with all the pink or purple and tons of sparkle her heart desires. That’s all. 

This year’s costume was possible the best costume Zoë could ever dream of. Leave it her Godmother and the antics will continue. Their convo went like this:

Godmommy: Zoë, what do you want to be for Halloween? 

Zoë: A fairy princess with big butterfly wings and a wand. 

Her wish was granted. She could stop talking about her costume. I hid it from her for weeks because I knew the request demands to wear it would be exhausting. And then the day before trunk or treat, I showed it to her. She was so happy and the demands to wear it started immediately. At one point, she took off her wings because they were “in my way”. LOL 

Dress up with Zoe. Costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

Here’s a look back at her costumes over the years:


A photo posted by MJ #MamaHaute (@fabhautemama) on


A photo posted by MJ #MamaHaute (@fabhautemama) on


A photo posted by MJ #MamaHaute (@fabhautemama) on

She will be wearing this newest edition to her dress up collection until the tulle falls off.

Dress up with Zoe. Costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

What’s going to happen next year? 


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