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Easy and Fun DIY Halloween Luminaries

DIY Halloween Luminaries

Thank you Juicy Juice for sponsoring our Halloween at home fun.

My kids have been going on and on about pumpkins, Halloween, their costumes and what we will be doing on the big day. Needless to say, this mom had to come up with a few ideas to occupy their time since we won’t be going trick or treating this year. We plan on doing our own trick or treating of sorts at home but this week my son asked to decorate the house thanks to his aunt giving us lots of Halloween inspired decor from her stash. These juice box DIY Halloween luminaries are a fun craft project that fit the occasion. 

Make this easy DIY halloween luminary juice box craft.

As you know we love Juicy Juice for lunch time but we also love the fun recipes and crafts for families they share. I like to keep the juice boxes for fun crafts and useful upcycled projects like we did to propagate herbs. The boxes are great for making these juice box DIY Halloween luminaries too. What makes these luminaries fun for kids is that they get to draw their own funny Halloween inspired faces for each one. This craft does require parent assistance for cutting the boxes and possibly gluing the construction paper to the boxes if using a hot glue gun. Otherwise, let the kids put everything else together. 

DIY Juice box luminary

DIY Halloween Luminaries 

What You Need 

Juice box luminary craft supplies
  • Juice boxes – emptied, washed and dried 
  • Construction paper
  • Parchment paper 
  • LED tea light candles 
  • Permanent Marker 
  • Glue or hot glue gun. 
  • X-ACTO Knife 
  • Scissors – child friendly 

Make It 

Using an X-ACTO knife, adults will cut off the top of each juice box and cut a window on the front side of each box to desired size leaving the sides and bottom intact. 

Children can cut out construction paper to wrap around the juice box. If using standard glue, children can glue the paper around the box. Tip: A glue gun works best and is less messy so this is a good thing for adults to do once your child wraps the paper around.  

Juice Box Luminary craft making

Using the window as a cutting guide, parents can use the X-ACTO knife and a scissor to cut out the paper around the precut window.

Cut the parchment paper a little larger than the window on the front of the box. 

Use a permanent marker to make fun faces for a halloween craft.

Using the permanent marker, draw your Halloween funny or spooky faces, Jack-o-lanterns or whatever design you prefer. 

Place the designed parchment paper inside the juice box ensuring the design is visible within the window. The parchment paper should stay in place without needing glue but it is fine to attach using glue.

A fun halloween craft using juice boxes, dollar store finds and tea lights.

Turn on the tea light and place it inside the juice box. 

Boo! You just made your own juice box DIY Halloween luminaries. Repeat as many times as you like to create a fun luminary display. We set them up just on the edge of our fireplace we don’t otherwise use.

DIY Halloween Luminaries made out of juice boxes.

This cute DIY Monster Mashup craft from Juicy Juice would be fun to add to your fun too. Halloween may be different this year but the fun and memories are still worth making.

What Halloween memories are you looking forward to making.

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