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Our Disney Side Party: Movie Night

Last weekend I had the privilege of hosting a Disney Side Party. After weeks of bad weather and sick children we finally had an all clear weekend to celebrate just because we love Disney and we love getting together. My husband otherwise known as The Hubs volunteered to make the food. You have no idea how happy I was about that. Prepping for the party while chasing behind a busy 15 month old would be a challenge of its own. With the menu decided and the chef duties off my plate I was ready to get everything else together.

The morning of the party I woke up with a splitting headache. I figured some breakfast and a tall cup of coffee would do the trick. It did not! But the show must go on. Good weather, a healthy toddler and a healthy 7-year-old doesn’t just happen every weekend. In spite of my headache which eventually turned into a level 7 migraine, I was able to grab some last-minute gift bag items, snacks and bake cupcakes. Instead of frosting and decorating the cupcakes and making Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy treats, I decided to turn them into activities for our guest. It ended up a bit messy but the girls had a blast.

Disney Side Collage 2

We purchased Tangled as our featured Disney movie of the evening. Let’s just say the kids barely watched it. They were having too much fun with arts and crafts and just socializing with one another. I was excited about the Run Disney posters included in our party package. The Disney Princess Half is definitely on my to do list for 2015. I had a few friends running Disney the day after the party, so the girls got to work make them cheer posters. For our last craft the girls made Minnie Mouse ears. Some basic headbands, card stock and a pack of $1 felt was all we needed. My glue gun and floral wire did the rest.

Disney Side Party Pics

The funniest part of the night: the girls blew up the Balloons and I said “why aren’t they floating?” My 9-year-old niece politely informed me “you need helium for that.” Embarrassing!

Here is a pic of our youngest Disney Side princess. She made a guest appearance and then off to bed she went. Movie Night was way past her bedtime.

Zoe Disney Side

We enjoyed our Disney Side Party and socializing with our favorite girls. We talked about planning a Disney vacation with all the girls for 2015. I am looking forward to it. I have to thank my sister Jackie, my cousin Alana and my niece Jasmine for helping out with the party. My headache was getting in the way but they stepped right in and kept the girls entertained. For inspiration and to throw your own Disney Side party visit Disney Side Celebrations.


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    Love the information, Tinky! And I just love peaches, too!

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