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Childhood Friends Are Necessary

Reasons why childhood friends are necessary.

Thank you Juicy Juice for sponsoring this post about friendship. 

I met my best friend when I as six years old. Over the years we have both added other best friends to our circles. Many of our shared friends are also from our childhood. In fact I’ve known my best friend and many of my childhood friends longer than I’ve known may of my family members. I get that sometimes friendships end because things happen but having someone (or a few people) you have experienced life with makes for some wonderful memories, laughs and even some really good cries. Childhood friends are necessary and I am glad my kids are starting to meet friends that I hope they will grow up with and keep forever. 

Childhood friends are necessary because…

Who else are you going to share your secrets with? My bestie knows everything about me. In fact her 23 year old son came to visit me a few weeks ago and it was funny telling him some of the stories from me and his mother’s childhood. How his parents met will always be a good one. 

Random laughs on the steps should be a part of every kids childhood. Now growing up in Brooklyn, we sat on the stoop with friends. Our kids have front porches and things like that these days. Either way, sitting on the steps, sharing some giggles, snacks, and sips is a must for good chill fun.

Reasons why childhood friends are necessary.

We rock with Juicy Juice Organic Splashers, fruits and chips when our friends come to visit. Back in my day, cones from the Mr. Softee ice cream truck were a daily part of our summers. We love ice cream but an organic juice and filtered water blend does the trick with out so much sugar. Don’t worry, we have fun days out that include ice cream too. So far my kids have enjoyed playdates at the park, bowling, trampolining and simple outdoor fun with their friends this summer. We have so many more memories to create. 

Someone has to share those awkward moments, firsts (like kisses), and crazy stories with your kids when you all get older. When my kids hear about me face planting off my bike while trying to pop a wheelie they think it’s so funny.  

A shoulder to lean on. No matter what happens I know I have my best friends. Sure I have my sisters and cousins too but when your bestie calls you with “are you ok?” it adds another moment to your special bond right when you need it. 

All those pictures you get to share with new boyfriends or girlfriends of their boo. Ha! I have the funniest pics of Z & E with their friends. Like in this picture with their bestie ABC. What is Baby E talking about? Someone will share these pics years from now. In fact, I’m grabbing some disposable cameras for the kids to capture more memories with friends this summer. 

Reasons why childhood friends are necessary.

Do you think childhood friends are necessary? Share one of your favorite memories from your childhood and how long you have been friends.

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    Aaronica Cole
    July 6, 2018 at 6:28 PM

    I love this!!! Look at my girl over there!!!

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      M J
      July 6, 2018 at 7:47 PM

      You see with her cute self. Friends forever.

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