Is Your Child In The Right Car Seat?

Let’s talk car seats today. Do you know when it is time to change your child’s car seat? Do you know if the seat your child is in is the safest option for them?With so many car seats on the market and so many variables to consider, this is a topic worth discussing over and over. Today let’s talk about the difference in types of car seats and what to look for to know when it is time to change to a new car seat.   
Rear Facing   
While there is rear facing to forward facing car seats, many parents opt for an infant car seat which is rear facing only as their child’s first car seat. These are seats which usually attach to a base and can be used to transport your infant into and out of the car. As a standard, all car seats come with a weight and height requirement so be sure to pay attention to that when you first buy the seat. Some will last you longer due to the weight/height requirement although you may find it more cumbersome to transport. A good rule of thumb to remember for an infant car seat is that when if your child’s head has 1 inch of space or less at the top of the car seat, it is time to change the seat. There are also convertible seats which tend to come with a larger range for weight and height. Pay attention to installation instructions and remember your child is the safest rear facing so keep them that way as long as possible or at least until 2 years old.   
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