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Affirmations For My Son Inspired by the “I Am Every Good Thing” Book

Thank you Penguin Books for sponsoring this post about affirmations for my son inspired by ‘I Am Every Good Thing‘. “I Am Every Good Thing”  “I am a roaring flame of creativity”  “I am good to the core, like the center of a cinnamon roll. Yeah that good.”   And that’s just a little bit of I Am Every Good Thing. Do your children say daily affirmations? In our house…

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16 Children’s Books About Music: From Jazz to Hip Hop

Books that celebrate black kids being kids are a must have for your home library. Here are 29 plus books to choose from.

Want to introduce your children to music? There are some great children’s books about music on the market. This is a list of 16 children’s books about music explores jazz greats to hip hop legends. A history lesson of musical legends and their contributions to music overall. Celebrate the history and be a part of the future. A mini rant… Every few months a certain books shows up that allegedly celebrates hip hop,…

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