The Carmichael Show: An Interview with Loretta Devine

The Carmichael Show and an Interview with Loretta Devine

Today I had the opportunity to interview Loretta Devine about her role as Cynthia the fun and sassy mom on NBC’s hit comedy The Carmichael Show. Leading up to the interview, I watched an episode where Cynthia was having a bit of the blues. The episode went on to discuss depression which we all know is somewhat of a taboo topic in the black community. I’ve also discovered it is a quietly kept secret in the overall motherhood community as well. As Cynthia expressed in the episode ‘the mom always has to be happy in the picture”, I know all to well that feeling of needing to show the world that I have it all together and I’m a happy mom regardless of what I might be dealing with inside. 

Here is a clip from the episode. Now tell me if this ain’t the truth!

Watch the full episode this Sunday at 9pm EST on NBC. 

The Carmichael Show is a breath of fresh air. The cast is brilliant. I mean come on Thee Loretta Devine and David Allen Grier. Stop! These names take me way back to my youthful days. The topics are approached in a funny way but definitely open up discussions about real issues we are currently facing in motherhood and in society overall. Did you catch the episode about Bill Cosby? Spot on because I am still deciding if I want my kids to watch The Cosby Show (my favorite show of all time) amidst all the allegations playing out right now. 

An interview with Loretta Devine and a sneak peek of this week's episode of The Carmichael Show

Mrs. Devine shared her experience as a black actress that has seen success from Broadway to film to television. She shared what her favorite role has been over her career and added more of her favorites. Her sharing roles like being in “Waiting to Exhale” jogged my memory on so many other projects she’s worked on. I may be dating myself, but I remember Mrs. Loretta Devine from the original Dreamgirls on Broadway. Yes, I do! I love that my kids and I will always have a connection to her. For me, it’s definitely Dreamgirls, Grey’s Anatomy, and Waiting to Exhale. For my kids, it’s Hallie the Purple Hippo Nurse from Doc McStuffins! 

Here is the full audio of the interview myself and Adanna (Rattles & Heels) did with Ms. Loretta Devine. 

Loretta Devine Interview

Watch The Carmichael Show Sunday nights on NBC. You can catch up (binge watch like us mamas do) all the episodes on

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    April 24, 2016 at 1:50 AM

    OMG YES! I love Loretta Devine. She’s so powerful yet gentle. Congrats to you two for landing this interview. xoxo

    • Reply
      M J
      April 25, 2016 at 9:23 AM

      OMG Ariel, I freaking love her! She is truly one of the best actors on what? Broadway, Big Screen, TV, Animation? Simply amazing.

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