Brown Baby Love:Take 2

Brown Baby Love

A Happy Mother’s Day and Mother’s Month to all you beautiful moms! As I celebrate my second official Mother’s Day, I reflect on how I still enjoyed Mother’s Day prior to being blessed with Zoe. Godmothers, Aunts, Cousins, Sister-friends all deserve a big Happy Mother’s Day shout out. It takes a village and they are all mother’s in our village. Now here are the answers for Take 2 of: “What does Brown Baby Love mean to me?”

Brown Baby Love


“Putting down perfection and giving my children all of me.” – Mimi, mom to Adrian (8) & Addison (3),

Editor of Lipgloss & Binky


Camesha Gosha

“Brown Baby Love” is the unique way in which I love on my babies. That love includes a special and necessary level of protection and guidance because the world isn’t always so kind to brown babies. That kind of innate love creates a one of a kind bond between brown babies and mamas.” – Camesha, Mom to Lamar (4) & Laila (21mon), Write & Producer, Blogger, Bibs and Baubles & CameshaGosha


Brown Baby Love


“Brown Baby Love is the personification of my heart, outside my body, in a living and breathing form…he is truly the most sincere and best part of me.” – Lachonda, Mom to Braedan (4 mo.), Parole Officer


fam pic“The profound admiration, appreciation, dedication, and compassion I have for my boys. There is such an incredible, unbreakable bond I share with my children. Displays of affection are very welcome in our home. Both boys love my kisses and big hugs! It is uncanny the amount of laughter that comes from our home. I never knew I would be so blessed. I sometimes question God why was I chosen to bring these awesome little people into the world? Why did I deserve such greatness? I look into their eyes and see my own. Both boys are selfless and are always thinking of ways to help others less fortunate. Their twinkling eyes and infectious laughter fills my soul with joy. I count my blessings and thank God daily for my healthy boys. God knows where I would be without them in my life. Where’s the tissue, I could go on and on about these two!”- Kia, mom to Kyle (10) & Kaleb (7), Program Analyst & Blogger Kia’s Fashion Confectionary


Brown Baby Love “Digging deep within yourself and finding a strength that you never imagined possible that will allow you to work harder than you ever have before to achieve your goals in a manner that creates the best future possible for your brown babies.” – Donna, Mom to Anaya (3) and #2 on the way, Representative at Verizon & CEO of F.A.T.G.I.R.L


DSC_0474“Brown Baby Love to me means showing endless love to all brown babies, unconditionally. Continuously expressing and promoting self love not just with my own daughter, but amongst all brown babies of the world.” – Digital Content Manager & Caribbean Lifestyle Blogger at Style Vibes



Brown Baby Love “Brown baby love is full of hugs, Eskimo kisses, and sweet cuddles. It’s the joy of watching them learn something new and meet milestones. I’m sure that’s how we would define all baby love, but mamas of brown babies know that we will have to fight for our children in different ways. We will have to fight hard for them to be seen as capable as their counterparts. We will have to fight for them to walk in certain neighborhoods without fear of being considered suspicious. We will have to fight to make sure they are not marginalized in classrooms and stereotyped simply because they more melanin than society deems comfortable. So, as we hug, Eskimo kiss, and cuddle our brown babies, we are also contemplating how we will handle that very first moment that they realize that not everyone loves them like we do.” -Danielle S. Mom to Sterling Jr., PhD Student & owner of Mamademics & Hooksmart


Brown Baby Love “Brown Baby Loves means an opportunity afforded to me by God to pour into two vessels that will make a difference in the Earth. It means having the ability to show that our children do matter, are important, smart, worthy and are able to change the world. Brown Baby Love is EVERYTHING! And Yes, I am willing to give and bet my all on IT!” – Yulunda, Mom to Donovan (12) & DeAnna (10), Marketing/Advertising Professional and C.E.O. (Chief Encouragement Officer) at Yim Writeous



“To me Brown Baby Love means showing unconditional love to my children and encouraging them to love and be happy with who they are and instilling confidence and ambition in them.” – Adanna, Mom of 2, Blogger at Rattles & Heels


“Baby Love means having healthy, happy children that are strong in their faith and cultural values and will grow up with grace and beauty in their life!” – Toiia, Mom to Mandivamba (5) & Maliah (10 mo), SAHM & Jewelry Boutique Owner at Toiia’s Boutique

Another round of heartwarming answers from beautiful brown moms. You can enjoy Take 1 here and the first love letter here. We will have another love letter on Thursday and the Brown Baby Love series continues with more moms next Monday.

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    May 12, 2014 at 5:53 PM

    I have enjoyed this serious and it has encouraged me to “fight on!”

    Thank you, MJ!


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      M J
      May 13, 2014 at 12:22 AM

      Awww thank you and thank you so much for participating. I love hearing from other brown moms. Our village continues to be strong.

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