Brown Baby Love: Love Letter 2

brown baby love

Today’s Brown Baby Love letter come from Donna Perry, mom to Anaya and soon to be baby #2, wife to Nate, and CEO of F.A.T.G.I.R.L. a not for profit organization focused on their mission which is winning the battle against obesity and its social stigma through support and transparency within our communities.”

brown baby love

Dear Anaya,

As I write this letter to you…words truly escape me. Not because I don’t have any to express my love for you but it’s simply because my love for you is so strong that it seems that words are simply not enough! 

Before you were born, my life consisted of your dad, commuting (we lived in Poconos), establishing a business (I just launched F.A.T.G.I.R.L.) and work! We lived in a four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home with our cat and new puppy but in all of those things…. our home and hears were EMPTY!! Oh how we longed for the day to come when we would be able to fill our home with midnight cries and the sound of little feet running throughout. I can remember the days when I would look out of the window into our yard and imagine our child running and playing with his/her cousins and friends. Those thoughts filled my heart and mind with such joy yet such heartache. Yes, I said heartache! What you don’t know is that about ten a more years ago, your Mommy was diagnosed with PCOS a disease of the ovaries that made conceiving difficult (and often times for most women-impossible). For years, I prayed that God would open my womb to be able to receive the gift of life. But I knew that before I could receive such a great gift from God I had to prepare my mind, body, and spirit to be able to receive what God had in store for us. With that, on Feb 22, 2010 I took the drastic step of taking back my health by having gastric bypass (weight loss surgery) so that I could shed the nearly 200 pounds that I needed to drastically lose to be healthy enough to carry a baby! 

On February 19, 2011 and 170 pounds later, I got the greatest news possible…I was pregnant!! Finally God had answered our prayers!!! Your Daddy and I were going to welcome a new life into our home and hearts. Every day and night of my pregnancy I’d lay my hands over my womb and ask God to protect you and give you everything that I couldn’t to make you healthy and strong. I asked Him for the strength and courage to make me the best mother that I could be! And when we found out that we would be having a girl, I asked God to give me a name for you that would represent our struggle but would also be a name that is powerful. A few days later, (while watching a television program) I heard a woman name her daughter Anaya. I googled the meaning and found that it meant “completely free” in the Sanskrit culture and “an answered prayer” in Swahili! How appropriate!!!

You my dear sweet angel are Gods greatest show of His love for me!! You are a representation of how God looked beyond every fault and sin that I ever committed and favored me with His most valued treasure.You are the very air that I breathe and the inspiration for every step that I take!! Every goal that I set and every dream that I have I know that with prayer and hard work it can be accomplished simply because I had you!

If I leave you with nothing remember this: you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made!! You are my sunshine on a cloudy day and my light in some of my darkest hours!! You are my biggest joy and my greatest accomplishment!! You are my “completely free answered prayer from God!” I love you beyond the moons and stars and deeper than the ocean floor!!!

And I as my body prepares to give you a baby sister this August (smile)! You will ALWAYS be my FIRST LOVE!!! I loved you then…I love you now…and I will love you forever…my sweet milk chocolate-brown baby!!!

Love Always,


Beautiful! Thank You Donna for sharing your love letter with us.

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