Excuse Me While I Talk Bras For A Minute

After having a few conversations about the dreaded selfies with bad bras and therefore bad boob support, I decided to write about. Not the selfies. The BRAS! Ladies, ladiesladies, you don’t have to love them but they are a necessary evil. If you have been blessed by the itty-bitty committee and your itty-bitties don’t need any help at all then go you! Everyone else GET YOUR LIFE with a proper bra fitting.

A quick way to be your best beautiful you is to get a professional bra fitting. If you have never had one done, now is the time. Don’t waste money on another bra until you get fitted for the right size. You will be surprised how wrong you might be once you have a bra fitting done. I don’t want to see one more beautiful woman walking down the street, exercising or shooting a fashion or beauty how to with a busted bra fit! I refuse to accept this from you beauties. REFUSE!


Disclaimer: This is not a one-time deal. You must get fitted at least once a year especially if you have lost or gained weight, had a baby or you are experience discomfort from your current bra situation. This message also applies to your shoes. Yes I said it!

Why would you want your girls sagging, busting out, jiggling way too much or just looking sad? Why? A proper fitted bra will correct the above issues plus common physical complaints including shoulder pain, breast pain and bruises from your undergarment. Your bra fit is a reflection of you and that goes for sports bras too. Don’t sell yourself short. A bra can make or break an outfit or a workout. I have been fitted 3x over the last 2 years (during pregnancy, post pregnancy and after a 15 lb weight loss.) Each time I have been a different size. I have some of the bigger boulder holders on stash just in case I have another baby. Just in case…

I can speak highly of a few places to get fitted in NYC but I also did some research for my girls in Atlanta, LA, DC, Texas, Miami and Chicago. If you can’t get to one of these specialty stores, go ahead and try out a department store. Be sure to ask how long the person has worked in the department and check out their girls while you’re at it. If those babies are not well cupped, at enough attention or did not catch your eye, move on! No one with a bad bra on can ever fit me. With your newly gained knowledge, you can shop pretty at all most any store to find the perfect bra (and price) for your girls.

Now for the specialty stores:


Linda’s Bra Salon

Iris Lingerie


Livi Rae Lingerie

Necessities by Sherrie


Miss Stevens for Lingerie (no website but from the reviews it’s a go)

Laura’s Corset Shoppe (also specializes in post mastectomy and breast forms)


Coup de Foudre 

Le Bustiere


Trousseau of Dallas

Loretta’s Intimates 


Gables Corset Shoppe


Sally Ann Corset Shop

Your girls love you and you should love them too! Know if any professional bra fitting boutiques in your area? Be a doll and share.

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