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9 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee or Tea

Elevate your coffee with these 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea.

My fellow coffee and tea lovers it’s time I share with you this simple joy of adding rich natural flavors to your favorite morning, afternoon or evening cup of goodness. By no means is this list all encompassing but these 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea is the start of your journey. It’s also pretty easy to do considering you probably have most of this goodness in…

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Tips for Growing An Edible Garden

Tips for growing an edible container garden. Plants to grow, tips for success and tools you need.

This is my 5th year growing an edible garden. My garden is my happy place. What started as a small container garden when Zoe was a baby has now turned into a labor of love. Last year I transitioned from containers to a full garden bed. It was a great season and learning experience. This year my goal was to build a raised garden bed to go along with the…

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Kids Corner

Childhood Friends Are Necessary

Reasons why childhood friends are necessary.

Thank you Juicy Juice for sponsoring this post about friendship.  I met my best friend when I as six years old. Over the years we have both added other best friends to our circles. Many of our shared friends are also from our childhood. In fact I’ve known my best friend and many of my childhood friends longer than I’ve known may of my family members. I get that sometimes…

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Organizing My Blog Life With CoSchedule

In case you were wondering… blogging takes a lot of work. It’s not all pretty pictures and informative posts like many people think. The back end work is just as if not more important and if I’m being honest, that part is my struggle. I rock the writing and even the all mighty SEO but my biggest struggle and the one I always mention when someone asks is keeping up…

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