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Affirmations For My Son Inspired by the “I Am Every Good Thing” Book

Thank you Penguin Books for sponsoring this post about affirmations for my son inspired by ‘I Am Every Good Thing‘. “I Am Every Good Thing”  “I am a roaring flame of creativity”  “I am good to the core, like the center of a cinnamon roll. Yeah that good.”   And that’s just a little bit of I Am Every Good Thing. Do your children say daily affirmations? In our house…

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Garden/ The Latest

Another Summer Garden In The Books

Fall has rolled in and the fluctuation in temperatures surely indicated the end of the summer garden season. Well the ending because a few things continue to survive and even produce but fall prep and planting has begun so it’s time to recap the summer garden. As we all know 2020 has been some year. Staying at home for months on end (7 months and counting) has been a rollercoaster…

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