A Thoughtful Mother’s Day Was Just What I Needed

We always take mommy and me pictures on Mother's Day. One of the ways a thoughtful Mother's Day was just what I needed.

Thank you Juicy Juice for helping me celebrate Mother’s Day with the ones I love. As always. the story and opinions shared are my own. 

This year I got a thoughtful Mother’s Day filled with things I’m happy about but I did not get what I wanted. Let me explain…

I’ve shared before that my ultimate Mother’s Day gift would be a day (or two) alone. I know that sounds crazy to some but when you spend 99.9% of your time with your kids day in and day out like I do, a day or two alone is necessary. Now that might not be the case for other moms but that’s my ultimate gift and I’m sticking to it. I am not an introvert but I have always enjoyed alone time and it is truly the one thing I miss about the single and before kids life. Sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts. 

So that weekend alone did not happen. Honestly, I didn’t ask for it as a gift nor did I plan it for myself because it just wasn’t the right time. But here’s the thing… sometimes what you get is just what you need and that’s how I feel about my Mother’s Day this year. 

A Thoughtful Mother’s Day…

A cup of coffee alone. ALONE! This right here was almost all I needed. Almost…

Breakfast in bed semi made by Zoe, the five year old. I baked the sweet potato as a part of my healthy meal prep ahead of time. Zoe cracked the eggs, stirred and helped dad get them in the pot. She also poured me a cup of her Juicy Juice Strawberry Watermelon juice. Just the sweetest and most incredible kid ever! 

Breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.


Flowers picked out by Zoe. She was really proud of this.

Hearing the three year old say with glee “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy” followed by a 3 year-old style bear hug. 

The best cards with art from my little artist plus a gift card to DSW. Totally thoughtful as I have yet to replenish my shoe collection post purge and new shoes size thanks to the 3 year old. Ha & hello shoes! 

Mother's Day card with artwork from my kid.

A gift card for a day at the spa. More thoughtfulness here as my face needs all the help it can get. And the massage… let’s just say building and filling a 8 ft by 4 ft, 10 inch high raised garden bed is a workout. I am sore! So thank you to the Hubs times 100. 

Breakfast in bed. One of the ways a thoughtful Mother's Day was just what I needed.

Dinner cooked by my oldest sister who rarely cooks a big meal for the whole family. It was a Mother’s Day miracle. My mom did make the rice and peas because hers is the best in the world and it’s on of my favorites. Heck it’s everyones favorite so yeah. 


And Mother’s Day Pictures with my kiddos, my mom and my sisters. Pictures with my kids each Mother’s Day is a tradition I started on my very first Mother’s Day. Having my mom, sisters and nieces join in made it even more special. 

Like who could be mad at this Mother’s Day? 

So while that weekend away is still on my list, maybe I will rethink it as a Mother’s Day getaway and plan it for some other time during the year. Simply put, I love the special treatment the hubs and the kids showed me. I felt appreciated and that was the best part of it all. A thoughtful Mother’s Day with my loves was just what I needed.

Mommy and me pictures on Mother's Day.

I’ll see that weekend all to myself some other time because it’s definitely happening. 

How was your Mother’s Day? 

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  • Reply
    May 16, 2018 at 5:03 PM

    Aww how sweet, love the pictures! Sounds like you had a great and memorable Mother’s Day!

  • Reply
    Stacie Branson
    May 16, 2018 at 6:44 PM

    Aw, sounds like your Mother’s Day was just what you needed after all. I’m waiting for someone to bring me breakfast in bed. Maybe next year.

  • Reply
    Valerie Robinson
    May 17, 2018 at 8:13 PM

    Aren’t those handmade cards just the best?! Melts my heart! Glad you had a beautiful day.

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