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A Homemade Gratitude Card Making Station for Kids

Create this gratitude card making station at home so your kids can have a fun way to say thank you to others.

Thank you Juicy Juice for sponsoring this post and helping us teach lessons in gratitude. As always all opinions are my own. 

While the end of year holidays are a time people focus on giving to others and showing appreciation, I’m teaching my kids that kindness and gratitude happens all year long. One of the ways we show our appreciation for people in our lives is to make gratitude cards. Here’s a quick story and a quick way to set up a gratitude card making station for kids in your home. 

I remember hearing about having an “attitude of gratitude” when I was growing up. That lesson has always stuck with me so while we are in an everything quick era, I still believe in slowing down and showing appreciation in ways that may seem old to others. Mailing gratitude cards as a way to say thank you is one of the ways I do that. I am also a pick up the phone and thank someone type of person. It just feels more real to me. 

Making gratitude cards is a fun way for kids to show appreciation to people that support them.

This is also why I am teaching my kids to make, write and mail gratitude cards out to our loved ones and friends. From thank you cards for supporting all the fundraisers (there are so many!) to birthday cards to just because I love you cards. I still love getting letters (not bills) in the mail. My kids love it too so this is a simple way for them to learn about gratitude because I don’t know one person that doesn’t like a heart felt thank you especially one hand made with a stamp on it. Do you? 

And yes, mail cards to everyone even if the person lives only a few doors down from you. The surprise in the mailbox just makes it that much sweeter.

Gratitude Card Making Station for Kids 

Here’s our simple gratitude card making station for kids. We make our cards on the weekends or after school during snack time. I’ll save the after school “hangry” kid discussion for another time. Ha! 

Spend time making cards at this easy homemade gratitude card making station for kids. It's the perfect activity to do during snack time.

Just gather some art supplies, some cookies and one of our favorite Juicy Juice Splashers and get to gratitude card making. Then chat about the card and who it’s going to while you walk to the mailbox. Sometimes we even wait and run out when we see our postal worker coming so we can hand them the card directly. Speaking of postal workers, we always give our postal workers and sanitation workers cards and a little token of appreciation. Gratitude is the name of the raising thoughtful kids game. Get into it. 

A homemade gratitude card making station for kids.


  • Gratitude List 
  • Markers, Pencils, Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Paper or blank cards with envelopes
  • Decorative trinkets and glue 
  • Stamps
  • Snacks 
A homemade gratitude card making station for kids. Teach the lesson of gratitude in a fun way.


Use your wild imagination and get creative. Make cards and add in personal touches including the reason you made the card. You can go all out or keep it simple. Sometimes a simple picture is all that’s necessary. Let kids have creative freedom while you support their efforts when they ask. 

Homemade gratitude cards are the perfect way for kids to learn about kindness and appreciation.

The Lessons From Gratitude Card Making Are Endless 

Keep a list of the people who support you, special birthdays and those just because people too. I print out a sheet monthly and we look over our calendar to fill in birthdays. I also keep notes of people that do special things for us so that when it is time to fill in our list, we can also talk about them. This is a great way to remind kids of others kindness. Keep the gratitude flowing all year long. 

You can find more fun activities and recipes for kids on the Juicy Juice site. Let us know if you and your kids will be setting up a gratitude card making station.  

Set up this easy homemade gratitude card making station for kids at home. A fun way to teach a lesson in gratitude all year long.

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