9 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee or Tea

Elevate your coffee with these 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea.

My fellow coffee and tea lovers it’s time I share with you this simple joy of adding rich natural flavors to your favorite morning, afternoon or evening cup of goodness. By no means is this list all encompassing but these 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea is the start of your journey. It’s also pretty easy to do considering you probably have most of this goodness in your pantry. And if you don’t, it’s time to go shopping.

So here’s the deal, I am a coffee and a tea girl. In fact I like a good cup of cocoa too especially if I can get my hands on some chocolate rocks from Jamaica to make “chocolate tea”. But in each and every one of my favs, I bring them to life with spices. My mom does it and my grandmother did it too. Before we dive in let me say that you can do this to any coffee or tea but if you need to go shopping for spices, you might as well add high quality coffee and tea to your list. One thing, British tea bags will do just fine if loose tea is not your thing. They are strong and worth it. Also, you can add these spices directly to your cup or you can brew your coffee with the spices mixed in. Same with tea. You do have a brewing pot for your tea, right? So here goes… 

Use spices you already have in your pantry to elevate your coffee or tea.

9 Way To Spice Up Your Coffee or Tea


I call cinnamon the holy grail of coffee and tea spices. One because it’s so darn good. The other because it can replace sugar. Yes, cinnamon is a good substitute for sugar. I do it when I am on my “enough is enough with this sugar addiction” but honestly I add it as a supplement to sugar or some other replacement like fresh cream but more on that later. I add cinnamon in ground form or I just throw a cinnamon stick directly into my cup or brewing pot. 


Another one of my immediate favs as far as spices is nutmeg. I can’t live without nutmeg. This spice is one readily available in just about any Caribbean home because porridge. But listen, I struggle with suggesting this one because in my not so humble opinion the best nutmeg comes in whole form that you actually have to grater and I have yet to find one whole nutmeg here that I like. But I always have some on hand because my family in Jamaica loves me just that much. Anyway, get the highest quality nutmeg you can find. 


Another favorite. I buy whole green cardamom seeds from my local Farmer’s Market and add them directly into my brewed cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes I crush them a bit but rarely because the flavor is still there and just the way I like it. You can buy ground cardamom or grind it down yourself. 


A little goes a long way. A little goes a long way. Like 1-2 cloves. This adds a more peppery vibe to your cup so tread lightly if peppery is not your thing. 

9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea.


I do fresh ginger in my brew pot but ground ginger works fine here. Again, a little goes a long way. Go really light on the ginger. 


I don’t even know how to describe the flavor of allspice. You definitely don’t want to chew one of the seeds but this spice lends a little pepper and a little sweet(ish) to your mix. 

Star Anise

You will find this spice like most of the others in many Middle Eastern style cups of coffee. It does well in a strong brewed black tea as well. 

Black Pepper

Ok pepper loves, go ahead and grind some black pepper or other pepper seeds into your brew. I leave the amount up to you on this one. Add a little at the time. You can always add more. 

Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla extract is the real deal. Don’t dare compare vanilla flavor mixes, creamer or syrups to the authentic flavor of pure vanilla extract. You want to try this. A little goes a long way and it also serves as a nice sugar replacement. 

I’ll be back to share my favorite spice blends and other ways I elevate my coffee and tea experience. Just a few tweaks and you will be well on your way the flavors of coffee from around the world. This list of 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea is the perfect start. Be sure to join me on the journey and come back for more coffee and tea inspiration. Until then, here are a few must haves on my coffee and tea making list: 

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9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea.

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