12 Mom Tested Morning Sickness Remedies

12 mom tested morning sickness remedies that work

When I was pregnant with Zoe, the morning sickness was actually all day sickness. It was terrible! I mean why does this have to happen? I get the whole hormones thing but come on! things improved around 12-13 week mark but I was still unable to eat, smell or even prepare certain things. The major culprit was chicken. Fast forward to pregnancy with Baby E. I wasn’t nearly as sick with him plus I remembered some of the old remedies I used with Zoe. Add in the survey I did with mom friends and here is a list of mom tested morning sickness remedies to try if you are expecting. 

Consult your doctor before trying anything you think may not be safe. Also, if all else fails, there are prescriptions to help with morning sickness. I used a combo of prescription plus home remedies. 

Mom Tested Morning Sickness Remedies


Preferably red skin apples. Pop slices in the freezer for a cooling effect too. 

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey Elixir 

Many people say no to the apple cider vinegar. Even your doctor might but listen it works. 

Peppermints or Ginger Candy

Old school peppermints. You know the big rock kind. Same for ginger candies. Don’t go with that sugar dipped stuff. 

Infused Water 

On a regular day, water makes me nauseous but add a little fruit, mint or even rosemary, and things start looking up. Lemons & limes are great for nausea so infused your water with these to start. If you love watermelon (why did I just think about Beyonce) then eat is as is or infused your water with it. Better yet, make some popsicles. Cucumber and watermelon infused water or pops are perfect. YUM! 

Peanut Butter & Crackers 

The protein plus peanut is so good when you are preggo. Don’t over do it. 

Sea-Band Wristbands

Listen! Go to the local pharmacy and pick up some sea-bands. Heck, order the cute Sea Band Mama Wristbands on Amazon. These were so good to me during both pregnancies. Funny story, a friend figured out I was pregnant because I was wearing these. Sly little fox that she is. So if you have friends that have been down this road and your pregnancy is a secret then opt for ones that coordinate with outfits or something. 


Check with your doc on this one but my doc gave me the ok for Gatorade in moderation. After throwing up your guts, one will need to replenish some electrolytes and things. 

Tea (Peppermint or Ginger)

Caffeine free of course. 

Eat Small Meals

This! Besides the fact that I was ravenous 24/7, small meals throughout the day definitely helped. The bigger the meal, the more likely you are to feel sick after. 

High Protein Mornings

Yup. That peanut butter snack above… Eat it now! This was a favorite suggestion from moms I talked to so get your protein on. 

Preggie Pops 

I never tried Preggie Pops but at least 5 mom friends said ‘”hel* yes” to these. 

Vitamin B6 & Magnesium

Again check with your doc. My doc gave me this remedy during my pregnancy with Baby E. It works! 

Do you have any morning sickness remedies you swear by? Drop them in the comments because expecting moms need to know! 

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12 mom tested morning sickness remedies that work

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