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5 Best Toys For A Five Year Old’s Stay At Home Summer

Staying at home this summer doesn't mean kids can't have fun. See what toys made our list for the best stay at home summer ever.

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How has your stay at home summer with your children been going? Hopefully it’s been a lot of fun for you and them. Our summer at home has been fun. It’s also been a time of learning for me as a mom of two children close in age. It’s been interesting to see how they play together and how often they need time a part. I’m not sure if that’s because of the age/grade difference or because we have been at home for several months now.

Dress up capes are one of our favorite stay at home summer toy picks.

I noticed that EJ (my 5) has wanted to spend more time playing alone or one on one with me. He also has different interest than his big sister. Since we couldn’t give him the fun bowling party he wanted this year, we focused on getting him special gifts we knew he would enjoy alone or while playing with us or his sister. I shared our 5 Best Toys for a Five Year Old’s Stay At Home Summer with RetailMeNot. Go see what toys made our list and let me know which ones you will add to your collection.

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