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Our 10 Favorite Kids Podcasts

Our favorite kids podcasts.

Do you and your family love kids podcasts? We do! They are easy to listen to on the go, work as an alternative to screen time, cover topics for every age and kids podcasts often take us into a world of adventure. If you’ve seen us making funny faces or heard us laughing out loud while in the car, you can bet we are listening to one of our 10 favorite kids podcasts. 

Our favorite kids podcasts cover nature, life skills and even meditation. Some share original stories and fairytales. No matter their age (ahem parents included), one of these shows is sure to be a hit in your household. 

A list 10 podcasts kids and kids at heart will love.

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10 Favorite Kids Podcasts 

Big Life Kids 

I have been a fan of Big Life Journal since they first launched. They know how to approach what one might consider tough subjects in just the right way for kids. The focus of Big Life Kids and their products is to build resilience, a growth mindset, confidence and more. I think we can all use a dose of those on any given day. When the Big Life Kids podcast launched, I was excited to listen with my kids. True stories of kids or adults that have made a difference in the world and relating them to the principles of living a big life. 

Be Calm on Ahway Island

Be Calm In Ahway Island is listed as a bedtime stories podcast. For us it is a podcast we listen to any time of the day. I especially love playing this one as we make our way to school in the mornings. Your kids will learn how to take deep breaths also known as dragon breaths in this one. Deep breathing is a great technique to use when you need to relax or calm down. That’s why I think Ahway Island works no matter the hour of the day. The stories are fun too.  Their website includes activities, an option to upload a picture of your kids listening buddy and even a membership where members receive exclusive content like stand alone meditations. 

WOW In The World 

Wow In The World is perhaps the most well known of all the podcasts on our favorites list. It’s fun, energetic, filled with factual stories, scientific facts, hilarious characters and a great intro song. They have recently started taking the show on the road concert style. 

Circle Round 

Get ready to listen to adapted folklore stories from around the world while learning important lessons about generosity, kindness and more. I love that the Circle Round shows are between 10 and 20 minutes. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to listen especially when on the go so these shows work great. At the end of each show, there is a conversation starter so that you and your children can continue the discussion from the episode. Each episode also has a coloring page you can download from the Circle Round website. And if you really love the music in the show, purchase a copy of the show’s soundtrack. 

Pants On Fire 

What happens when kids face two adults in the ultimate showdown on facts vs fiction. One of the adults is an expert while the other is a liar (there words not mine). Kids ask a question and then have to figure out who’s telling the truth. The shows are short, the sound effects are hilarious and in the end kids learn how to be confident in their questions and their knowledge weeding out the liar amongst them. 

Listen any of these kids podcasts on your home, tablet, computer or smart home device.

Rebel Girls 

Do you own any of the Rebel Girls books? If not, add them to your home library immediately. You can get to know the stories in the books more intimately by tuning into the Rebel Girls podcast now in its third season. Listen to stories about amazing women and girls that changed the world. Their site features fun facts, downloadable activities and more. 

Highlights Hangouts 

Who remembers Highlights magazines from their childhood? I sure do. My kids love receiving their highlights mail and now they enjoy more fun by listening the the Highlights Hangout Podcast. 

Sesame Streets Podcast 

This is an oldie but goodie. They no longer publish episodes but Sesame Street lovers of all ages will love listening to this one. What’s even more fun is that this podcast includes short video clips from the Sesame Street show. Keep in touch with all your favorite characters any time you want. 

Animal Sound Safari

Take a trip around the world with these animal sounds and stories about them. There will be some fun weird facts shared in each adventure. The sounds are a fun way to engage even your youngest kids in the art of storytelling.

ABC Imagine This

The tagline for ABC Imagine It is “big ideas for little ones”. That’s the perfect way to explain a show that allows kids to ask questions no matter how “wild”, be heard and responded to. The show gets down to the science behind kids questions in a fun way. They gain knowledge they can share with their friends. 

What are your favorite kids podcasts? Speaking of favorites, checkout our favorite early chapter book series: Zoey and Sassafras. Stay tuned for our ultimate list podcast for kids coming next week.

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    Mars Patel! Six Minutes! Unspookable! Admittedly all for 8-10 year olds but all great!

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      M J
      April 17, 2020 at 12:49 PM

      Thank you. I will add to my master list of podcasts for kids.

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    Thank you for this!! We will have to check it out!!

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