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10 Easy Houseplants You Can’t Kill

Janet Craig, an easy houseplant you can't kill.

Let’s talk easy houseplants! My favorite e-place community to hang out in is Instagram. I love the pictures and the stories. Like insta-friends make me laugh, give virtual fist pumps and crack me up with the surveys on stories. One survey that always cracks me up are the ones about plants. I seriously lol at my friends who say they do not have a green thumb. And on the flip side, there are so many accounts that give me all the feels with their beautiful houseplants and dare I say home jungles. 

But for my “I don’t” have a green thumbs friend, I am here to share the easiest houseplants you can’t kill. Not take that can’t kill part with a grain of salt because of course if you don’t care for your plants properly, they will die. But friends trust me when I say you can handle these easy houseplants. Here’s the list. 

10 Easy Houseplants You Can’t Kill


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The aloe plant is easy, hardy and if you’re like me, the health benefits make this one a winner too. 


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Do you have a nice bright house or great sunny spots throughout, the lovely Jade is such a great addition to your plant family. Now this one can be subject to root rot if watered to much so rest assured that if you forget to water it, it will droop but will bounce back too. 


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Lucky bamboo anyone? Just a little water goes a long way. Bamboo is easy to care. I’ve had a vase with two bamboo roots for over 7 years. And trust me I have forgotten to fill it with water on more than one occassion. 


Pothos an easy houseplant you can't kill.

If you like the look of vining plants, the pothos is the easy houseplant of your dreams. They will grow and stretch and stretch and stretch. And they understand when you are so busy that watering them gets lost in the shuffle. This pothos is known as Nina. 

Money Tree 

10 easy houseplants you can't kill. The Money Tree plant is one of them.

If you are into good luck, let the money tree be your first choice for ease and good fortune. I personally think it’s a beautiful little tree that looks good in any room in the house. If you neglect the money tree, it will lose leaves however it is a plant that recovers easily with minimal care. I call this one Garvey. 

Snake Plant 

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While this is the more common name, I prefer to call this one by its other common name… mother-in-laws tongue. For no other reason than I think it’s hilarious. I am so happy to have a mother in law which is the opposite of a snake. But anyway, the snake plant is a pretty and easy houseplant. The snake plant is a good air cleaner too so put one in every bedroom! It is seriously drought tolerant so if you forget to water it, it won’t just quit your relationship. LOL

Peace Lily 

Peace lilies are an easy houseplant for beginners.

This is Ruby Dee the Peace Lily. I am placing her right her as proof that you can do this! What you see here is her recovery from a near disaster that left her burnt to a crisp on almost every stem. You can see the last burnt leaf right there off to the left. I put her outside for some quick sun but forgot all about her. That was almost a year ago and as you can see she is still hanging around. Peace Lilies truly don’t require a lot of attention. Even when they look like they have drooped into oblivion, give them some water and or plant food and watch them recovery within hours. Just don’t set them outside like I did. Trust me I knew better but the plan was 5 minutes not 2 hours. 

When I locate the pics from before the disaster and what she looked like all burnt up, I will share. 

Spider Plant 

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A spider plant is one that can be passed down from one plant parent to another. I have one that my cut from a part of my mother’s one. It is an almost care free plant. They are great for hanging plant pots or in a standard pot. This is one that will be great to use the spider plant babies that grow as a gift for others. The babies are also a great intro to plant care for children. 

Janet Craig 

Janet Craig, an easy houseplant you can't kill.

Easy, easy, easy and is another pretty full green friend to brighten up your space. Her name is Maya. 

ZZ Plant 

If light is an issue for you, the ZZ plant is your friend. Truly this pretty one is almost brown thumb proof. 

My biggest tip for caring for your easy houseplants is to give them each a name and truly make them a part of your family. Check out these houseplant care tips from Unlikely Martha.  

Become a green thumb with these 10 easy houseplants you can't kill.

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    March 3, 2018 at 10:33 AM

    Ok since i kill all the plants, I need this in my life.

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      M J
      March 3, 2018 at 2:07 PM

      Girl and you have all that good light in your house. Get you some plants.

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    March 3, 2018 at 10:57 AM

    Girl, this post is right on time! I stay killing plants, so I took the fake plant route. I’m saving this for future reference.

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      M J
      March 3, 2018 at 2:07 PM

      Go for it Lou. I think I am going to do the challenge. 1-2 plants to start will be easy.

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